Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 37

Thought I would take this time to write my post and then continue to gather information for the next TOPS meeting.  Reason being is that our leader will not be able to attend and has asked me to take over.  She asked the ladies if that would be alright and they all agreed.  I am a bit nervous but I need to get over that.  I met with the leader last night to get some ideas and to hear her feedback of what I would like to do.  She was very supportive and also very excited for me.  So I think I would like to address commitment.  Hopefully the ladies will maybe get a boost of motivation and maybe a little fire in them to re-commit our purpose. I can only pray that this will be a go.

Also today I will be heading out with my daughter and her bridesmaids to go and look at some bridesmaids dresses.  Of course while I am there I will look for something for me.

I just finished making crosses out of the palm that hubby and I got from church.  They really came out good.  I have already placed some through out the house and the rest I will give to the kids for their houses. 

The past few days I have to admit that I am feeling pretty good even with my bad leg.  Also too I have been cheating with some of the candy that I bought.  I really need to stay focus on that stuff and just stay away from it all.  Hubby did the food shopping last night and with my list we now have lots of healthy food in the house.  I also need to do some cooking after the dress shopping.  Planning is the key of it all and executing the plan is what I must do.

Until later............

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