Monday, February 16, 2015

I want to be home and warm

I thought Friday was cold but today is even worse. Such a lousy morning I had, trying to get to work. The usual train that I take shut down, while sitting in the train for 40 minutes first. Thank goodness hubby was still home to pick me up and take me to the bus terminal. Finally got to work, over an hour late, but I made it in. I really pushed to get in today because they are calling for a substantial amount of snow tonight into tomorrow, if that is the case, I certainly am not traveling then. As for my weekend, I was in the house the entire time. Didn’t go anywhere. Just finished my crocheting projects for future baby showers and stuff. Normal cleaning and straightening up, plus laundry. But as for my eating, well that too went to the dogs. On Valentine’s Day, hubby gave me chocolate, which I even told him not to get, but he never listens. He did also give me a gift card to one of my favorite places, Kohl’s. I really appreciate the thought but I still wish he would listen to me. Not much more, just really cold here in work (building was closed for the weekend plus being a holiday today, they just turned the heat up in the mid morning). Many of us are wearing heavy sweaters and gloves to take the chill away. All I can think of is that I just want to be home. Until later……………

Friday, February 13, 2015

Baby it is COLD outside

Oh my goodness, it is more than bitter cold out there. It is downright double freezing. I can’t remember the last time it was this cold, plus the weather channel is saying it is going to get even colder by Sunday. If anything my heart hurts for the people in Boston with all that snow and they are expecting more. Ah just counting the days until spring. Well I will admit I was a bit surprised at TOPS last night. I managed to lose one pound. Yeah me but unfortunately I did not keep up with the challenge. I did break down and had some M & M’s. Our challenge is to not eat any junk food. Meaning cookies, cakes, ice cream and chocolate. But I will do my best to continue to try for the rest of the month. Well needing to get back to work. Until later…………………

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Back again ???

Well that commitment certainly didn’t last long in regards about journaling. My days have been swiftly passing by. But I do have fantastic news, I am going to be a Grandma, actually I would like to be called Mom Mom. I am so excited. In my circle of very, very dear friends, actually including me there are five of us, well two of my sweet friends and I are all going to be grandparents this year. Actually one of my friends is throwing a baby shower for her daughter in law next week. Can’t wait, it is going to be beautiful. With all these babies on the way, I have been crocheting my little heart out. So far I have three baby blankets done, with booties, plus baby bonnets. Now I am on my second baby sweater. I will admit I am very proud of myself, because I have always only made afghans and have made nothing else, so this is definitely a challenge. OMG…they are so cute. I can’t wait to dress my little pumpkin. As for my two friends, they know already that their children are having a girl, as for my son and daughter in law; they have decided not to find out the sex of the baby until he/she is born. I am truly happy about that, that is one of the exciting news when the baby is born. But I will admit, with all this revealing the sex before, well going shopping not knowing the sex is really hard. Not much is out there for neutral colors. But I am trying to find things, which believe me I have found some already. And they are so CUTE. Now getting back to my eating habits, well they certainly have not been the best. Just about every day I wake up telling and reassuring myself that I will try to do my best. Meaning to eat healthy and not to go overboard. I also will admit being on a daily routine, such as going to work, etc. I am pretty decent with it. My downfall is the weekends, being home most of the time alone because hubby works weekends. That is a gray area for sure. As for exercising, in my mind I have great thoughts but my actions are weak and faulty. This area I sometimes feel lost. So with all of that, I am re-committing to at least post a couple times during the week, even if I don’t have much to say, to post something. Until later……………

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Just a quickie

Well I am running on borrowed time here. I have tons to do here at work, end of the year stuff. But I still wanted to take a minute to journal. Made dinner last night for hubby, simple casserole dish, chicken with veggies. It was really good. Well with not eating too much the two days prior, well I was quite stuffed. So stuffed that today I am really eating lite. Wow that is a first for me in a long, long time. Here’s hoping tonight’s number s at TOPS will be decent. Until later…………..

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Onto day two

Well onto day two of journaling. I really don’t have much to say because not much happens to me, which in turn can be a very good thing. So last night, I really didn’t have much of a dinner, mainly because hubby said not to make anything. See his thing was that he has a doctor appointment today, so in his mind if he eats light the scale won’t show too much of a gain from the holidays. I explain to him that isn’t really how it works but he does what he wants anyway. So I just grab something light and went on my way with the crocheting. I am making a baby blanker for my dear friend’s future granddaughter. The baby shower is scheduled for February. So far I am done the blanket and almost done with the headband and will be moving onto a pair of booties. I must admit keeping my hands busy does keep me from late night snacking. Ah maybe this is a plan…hehe So tomorrow is TOPS, I didn’t make it last week because of the weather, so hopefully I will tomorrow. This will be my first weigh in for 2015. I hope it is a good number and doesn’t reflect the holidays too badly. Until later………..

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Going back to what works

Well so much has happened, some good and some bad but that will be for another day. I have been so lazy with myself and that must stop. So just dropping by to say I need and must come back, journaling has helped me so much. So why do I ignore something that is so right for me? One thing that I am grateful for is that I have somewhat maintain the loss but definitely need to continue with it. I sort of have my plan set, at least with my eating plan. Now to get this old body of mine moving. One day at a time, I must remember that. Because those days add up to weeks and then to months and so on. To be continued…………………….