Sunday, September 22, 2013

Just updating

I am taking some time out to update here a bit, plus taking a break.  It is crazy of how the time is just flying by.  As for this week, I am concentrating on my son’s surprise birthday party which is this coming Saturday.  I will be doing a lot of running around this week.  It is mostly shopping for the food and such.  Thank goodness I took Friday off, it is mostly to get majority of the cooking done.  My future daughter in law will be coming over once she is done work on Friday, so that will be a great help.

Saturday I went for my second fitting, the woman does a beautiful job.  The dress fits perfect.  I am still kind of shy about wearing a strapless gown, one thing I will say is that I am NOT taking off the jacket at all.  Meanwhile with all of this I have been wearing my shoes, trying to break them in.  But just to be safe I intend to go out and buy ballet slippers because being in those shoes the entire day, well, I really don’t think I will make it.

Well at TOPS on Thursday I am down another 1 ½ pounds.  I am so grateful for.  I just need to lose another two pounds and then I will be back to my lowest since starting with my new way of life.  My plan for this week is to continue my usual plan but I am investigating maybe going after another plan.  I have been reading and trying to get educated in low carb and low sugar.  I have been reading many other blogs and it seems to make a lot of sense.  I am just hoping I can do this.

Well break time is over; I need to finish dinner before Hubby gets home from work.  Plus I need to get things ready for work tomorrow.

Hope all is enjoying this gorgeous weather.  I just love the fall, it is beautiful here.  I just wish it would last a lot longer than just a month or so.

Until later….

Monday, September 9, 2013

Working on getting back the control

Lots of things going on.  First the wedding, it sure is getting close.  Only five weeks away.  Just trying to finish with the last minute touches.  My daughter is going nuts, not only with the wedding but she has a lot going on at work.  Of course it is making her miserable too.  I am just trying to keep her calm.  As for me, well, unfortunately a lot of other things are going on as well. Planning a surprise party for my son, he will be turning 30 and my future daughter in law really wanted to do something special.  I am just trying to get things in order.  But what is really bothering me is the changes at my work.  It really is playing on my mind.  Of course these changes have to do with me, at first I was quite angry, but with lots prayer and trying to analyze the situation, well I really have no choice but to accept it and move on.  Perhaps in another post I will explain more of what is going on and happening.

So with all of this I haven’t been good with my eating.  It has gotten out of control but I am back to journaling again, which I may add I really don’t like to do but it is necessary.  I get so mad with myself when I lose control.  And in this area, I am the one who has complete control and control is what I must get back.   Over the several weeks at TOPS I have been gaining, I am grateful though I did lose some of the extra gain last week on Thursday.  I am hoping to lose more this week too.

One thing that I did that I enjoyed was after church yesterday I went to the store and bought some fall flowers to put out in my garden.  I also got new batteries to replace the old ones in all of the solar lamps.  In the evening when the lights come on, well the garden just looks beautiful.  For the party, I intend to put tables and chairs out there.  I just have to pray that the day and evening are nice that the guests can go outdoors.  It is all in God’s hands.

Well the night just seems to zip by and it is time for me to get things together for tomorrow.


Until later…………..