Monday, January 28, 2013

Spoiling myself a little

Well the weekend has passed and again it is Monday.  I have always hated Mondays, can’t really explain why but I just do.
Anyhow, this weekend was productive.  Yesterday I was really in the mood to cook and bake.  With no snacks in the house (according to hubby) I needed to make something for him.  I am quite happy though, that he does like the protein bars that I got from a friend.  As a matter of fact I made two batches yesterday, waited for them to cool down, sliced them up and wrapped them and then put them in the freezer. 
Oh and I received a lovely phone call from my future daughter in law.  Her and my son are doing Weight Watchers.  They both have lost 5 pounds from the last two weeks.  So that was our main conversation, plus I told her that I was interested in some of the recipes, so she stated about coming to my house and having a bake day of good foods.  I can’t wait, should be fun.
Also too lately I am in the mood for lots of fruit.  I know it may be a bit expensive but I am thoroughly enjoying fresh cut up fruit from the supermarket.  Everything is cut up already and is in its own juices.  Some may say why do you just buy the fruit and cut it up yourself but I figure it out this way, I really do go out much, I don’t spend money senselessly so why not treat myself to what I do like.  So yesterday I got a 6 pounds bowl of cut up fruit for 26.00.  It has everything in it, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, melon, oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, watermelon and kiwi.  Such a lovely mixture.  That is going to be my treat after dinner for the entire week.
Right now it is snowing and they are predicting that we may get some freezing rain, I certainly hope not.  As I have gotten older seems that the weather conditions, (of course it is just winter) I have develop anxiety because of it.  Funny how when I was younger, I used to wonder about if people liked me.  What they thought of me, etc.  Now being older, well I figure who I am is who I am and if you don’t like me, well that is your problem, and as for the weather I could care less about it.  Well seems that it has switch places. Funny how some things can bother us, no matter what the age.
Well I better get started with my work.
Until later…………

Friday, January 25, 2013

What I need.....

Well I am hoping that reading others blogs will get me more motivated that I have been in the past few months.  With so much more weight to lose, I keep asking myself what I am waiting for.
Yesterday while reading this woman’s blog, well she really hit it on the head.  Just almost like that commercial where a person slaps someone on the head and states “I should have had a V-8”.  Well while reading her blog that is exactly how I felt.  As a matter of fact I used her logic for last night’s meeting at TOPS.  Our meeting was good and we all had a great conversation about it.  Her blog was title “If we did what we know to do”.  Small simple words but with a lot of power.  She continues to say about how we know what we should be doing but why are we allowing ourselves permission to not do it. 
So for right now I am holding onto those words dearly.  I am reminding myself as often as I can, to remember that I NEED to take care of ME, that I NEED/WANT to be healthier.  That I NEED to be happy.  If I am those things, everything around will be brighter and happier.  I truly believe that and I NEED to hold that so close to my heart.
Until later……………

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting back into the swing of things

Well a new year and hopefully a new me.  At least I can say now things are somewhat back to normal.  Finally and I mean finally I have been released from the breast surgeon.  I had to go back several times for drainage from under my arm.  I came to find out that she didn’t want to put a drainage tube in because of my skin disorder and feared further infection.  So I needed to go through the slow process of healing and had to get it drained every couple of weeks.  My next step is to have a mammo in six months to make sure all is clear and nothing else has developed.
Holidays were nice and I enjoyed being home for 12 days.  Last weekend I packed all the Christmas decorations away.  Always seems funny once you put it all away, the rooms look bigger and empty.  So I immediately decorated for Valentine’s Day.  Now I am just looking forward to spring.  It is this time of the year that I really don’t like.  Gloomy, dark, chances of snow.  I fear the snow, mainly walking and driving in it.  I think if it could be promised to me it wouldn’t snow, I would be such a happy camper.
Also too right now I am happy but not earlier, unfortunately I caught some type of virus.  It certainly got me good.  Many of my co-workers were sick also.  I am grateful though it wasn’t the flu just a heavy dose of a head cold but I actually had to take off from work.  My head was so congested that it made me light headed and dizzy often.  I couldn’t remember having such symptoms before.  Also too with this flu outbreak I haven’t seen my dad at the nursing home.  I got a call last week from them asking that we refrain from visiting.  That many of the residents on his floor have the flu.  Thank goodness I finally got him a phone; at least I can talk to him.  Also I am thankful he is doing ok.  He did have a stomach virus two weeks ago but he is better now.
As for my weight, well since finding out about the surgery until the beginning of the year I gain 14 pounds.  Shameful I know but I think I have finally got my head on straight again.  Last week at TOPS I lost 3 ½ pounds.  So I am just trying to move in the right direction again.  Plus speaking about TOPS, well I am doing a lot of thinking right now.  The ladies are telling me that they want me to continue to be their leader.  I do appreciate the compliments but I really can’t seem to make up my mind if I want to.  I certainly am not going to quit TOPS but I don’t know if I still have it in me to continue to be the leader.  I wish I could just make up my mind. 
The kids are doing well which matters the most to me.  They are busy making their wedding plans and such.  I just wish my daughter would get on the ball with her dress.  I am beginning to get worried about it but you certainly can’t tell her what to do.  She is very high strung and when she is ready, she is ready.   As for my son, well it is tax season and he is starting to get very busy.  Usually this time of year I hardly see him but fortunately do speak to him maybe once a week. 
Hubby is getting better too, especially with Max gone (can’t believe he is gone now for 3 months now).  He still has his picture on the end table with his bell collar.  But if anything he can talk about him without getting choke up.  Hubby is even talking about us going away.  Again I will believe it when it happens.
I am looking forward to this weekend.  My girlfriend and I are going to a wine painting party. My niece and sister went to one after Thanksgiving and they had a blast.  Everyone paints the same picture, something simple but as you paint you enjoy a glass of wine and a small snack.  So my niece found out you can have your own party, well you need a certain amount of people.  So she gathered one.  We are going this Saturday.  Should be lots of fun.  I wonder what we are going to paint. 
Now that I am thinking about it I will be busy at least once a month.  In February I am going to my girlfriend’s future daughter in law bridal shower.  Then in March will be the wedding.  My other girlfriend is throwing a 50th birthday party for her boyfriend.  My other girlfriend is turning 50 and I am certain her hubby is going to throw a party.  Then before you know it I will be busy with my daughter’s bridal shower.  My goodness, just talking about it makes it almost summer time. 
Well need to get to work, it is that time of year with closing the books from the old year and opening the New Year.  Lots of work needs to get done. 
Until later…………….