Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Moving onward

Day two went well.  Still journaling my food intake.  I am now reading other blogs and read today about water.  I know all about water and how much you should drink.  As of now I have drank over 80 ounces of fluid.  Not all water, some was tea.  Now maybe some people would not count it but I certainly am.  On that note I did forget a bit about water and constipation.  Well it certainly worked today.  I know too much information but I need to state that.  I will admit I am feeling really good.  I just hope and pray that I will continue.  I just need to stay focused on one day at a time.  I couldn’t be happier that hubby is really supporting me this time around.  I hope that it last a lot longer that it has in the past.  Probably with me seeing the doctor last week in regards about my knee has really hit home in regards about my health.  Seems that my left knee is totally shot.  I no longer have any cartilage left and I am walking bone on bone.  Doctor said that I will need a full knee replacement.  He and his assistant both stated that they are amazed of how I can still walk.  I still am walking but believe me it certainly hurts a lot.  So anyway, the doctor gave me cortisone shot in the knee.  I will admit it has helped a lot.  I kind of fear of it wearing off and I will be right back I was before.  Now with the knee not hurting so much, I also was diagnosed with bursitis in my right hip.  Doctor gave me a shot there also but it doesn’t seem to have helped much.  Now I am waiting for the office to call to tell me the medicine has come in.  Once it does I will go and get another shot of this so called gel injection.  This is a three shot processed.  Once every two weeks.  This gel is supposed to lubricant and put some cushion in the knee to avoid continuing the bone on bone pressure.  Ah the wonderful stages of getting older. 

Anyway getting back to the weight.  I have so far digested 1,055 calories.  So I do have some room for 100 calorie popcorn, as I will watch the biggest loser.  One of the few favorite television shows.  This is one area that I know that I need to work on and try to seek deep down my feelings of why I have such an urge to eat as I watch TV.  I know that this is all going to be life changing.  Changing many things that others may not know about me but I do.  I need many changes that will improve my life and my health. 

Ah……something to investigate further.

Until later…………..

Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally got "one good" day under my belt

Well today was a bit rough, but I sustained it through.  The evening is my really tough time.  Once dinner is over and everything is cleaned up, I then have the tendency to grab a snack or something to munch on as I watch possibly not even one hour of television.

So hopefully now with this blog, my fingers will be busy typing as oppose to shoving food in my mouth.  I am truly not hungry at all.  And as most people will say to plan is the ticket.  I planned everything on my menu and stuck to it.  I certainly hope that this gets easier, not even easier but more second nature.  I also spend some time to get more ideas for my meals.  I am trying to stay away from pasta, rice and potatoes.  I did happen to come across a site that suggests cauliflower as a substitute for rice.  Just take the cauliflower and grate it and I believe you just blanch it for a few moments.  I am going to try this, and hopefully hubby will like it.  It may be hard because he loves rice.  So I need to find a decent recipe that kind of calls for rice. 

Also I still am maneuvering around on this blog thing.  I am trying to find out how to make multiple pages.  I want to make a list of goals, small and large to help keep me on track and focused.  I will prevail.

Until later……

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tis a good day

Today was a good day. Got up early and went to church, felt good to have some time with God. Then headed home, said good-bye to hubby as he walked out the door for work. Then I started with all the cooking plans that I had planned. So all in all it was a very good day. Started out by making some home made chicken soup with escarole. Now I have plenty for the week and very low calorie too. Then proceeded to make the banana and peanut butter protein bars, ( hubby seems to be getting hooked on these). Then afterwards made some low calorie banana bread, obviously we have plenty of bananas. Then finished off with making a low calorie and low fat chicken pot pie. Now with finishing off dinner and the verdict is good. Seems that this recipe is going to be a keeper. Also I have tracked my entire food intake with My Fitness Pal. I am hoping that this Thursday will be a good weigh in. Now to look at other bloggers and see how they are doing....until later....

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting started

Wow…..where do I begin???   Well if anything at least I got this blog thing working…I guess it is right.  Now to hope and pray that I can move forward with all my emotions and hopefully a good healthy way to a new me.  If that makes any sense. 

Well a little about me.  I am married with two wonderful grown children.  A son who is 28 and doing very well on his own.  A daughter at 23 engaged and living with her fiancĂ© in their new house and also doing very well.  I am so very proud of the both of them.

So now at my new stage of life, living with dear hubby.  We joke with our friends about how we couldn’t wait to become DINKS (double income no kids).  Well we are there now.  Even though we are trying to save money for our daughters wedding.

Now I just want to become healthier.  More conscious about us.  Trying to create and find new recipes that hubby and I would like.  But most important I am really trying to lose a lot of weight.  I have been overweight my entire life.  I couldn’t and really don’t know what it is like to be at a normal weight. 

My entire life I have always heard the usual phase, you have such a pretty face, if you would only lose some weight.  Oh another one I heard was you are such the life of the party, you are so much fun to be with.  I know people are just being kind, giving you encouragement or other types of compliments about you but not really saying anything about how you look.

Anyhow I am going to try to write my feelings on this blog and also my weight progress.
Going to need some time to figure this all out, meaning the blog thing.

If anything this is day one.