Sunday, August 25, 2013

Need better spirits

Wow seems funny how time just flies. 

Hubby and I had a wonderful time away.  Something that we certainly need to do more often.  Just talking, taking small walks, just enjoying our surroundings, just enjoying each other.  It was only for two days but it was great, definitely too short.

With that said, I told hubby that I really want more.  More time together, just doing simple things.  See, hubby is not one for going out, even just for a ride to a near by place.  I tell him it doesn’t have to be going out for dinner, just even the mall, just to the park, just something.  I just get tired being home most of the time by myself.  He works on the weekends and works long hours.  I do feel for him but I also tell him there is more in life than just work and home.  I just told him today before I left for church again of how I feel.  He said possibly in a couple of weeks, he will try to get off at least one day during the weekend.   I guess I just have to wait and see.

One thing that is keeping me busy is that my future daughter in law express about doing something special for my son.  He will be 30 in September, so with that we are planning a surprise 30th birthday party here at my house for the end of September.  Of course it is just several weeks before my daughter’s wedding, nothing can be spaced out of course.  But all in all it is good.  I certainly hope we can pull it off surprising him.   So with that there is a lot of cleaning and prepping to be done.  Still haven’t figure out the menu, but in time will do.

Finally went back to TOPS on Thursday and I have gained.  So bummed out about it.  I know what I have done but trying to get out of this funk is hard.  I seem to be losing focus on me.  Also I just haven’t been feeling well.  Not saying that I am real sick or ill but just not myself lately.  Just been tired, slightly achy, so I have been going to bed a bit earlier than usual.  Not interested in anything.  Can’t seem to get myself up and going. Sometimes I wonder if this maybe a slight depression setting in? 

Yesterday I went for my first fitting for my dress for the wedding.  I also saw earrings that match perfectly with the dress, so I bought them.  The only thing I have left to get are my shoes, which I need by September 21, that is my second fitting. 

After church I went to see my dad.  I am so happy that he is in much better spirits these days.  It just makes it better to go see him.  He still has a great appetite, so I brought him a small breakfast sandwich and coffee.  He enjoyed it very much.

Trying a new recipe tonight. It is a taco casserole.  Ground meat with taco seasoning, Mexican shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, lettuce and crushed Doritos.  Once heated just serve with some sour cream.  Going to try to avoid most of the Doritos and have very little sour cream.  With it I may have a salad with it.  Hopefully it will be good.

The weather has been wonderful the last couple of days.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Maybe that is why I am a little down.  Beautiful weather and no where to go.  That is possibly the reason.

Not much more to say.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday.

Until later…………………

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Finally going away

Well it has finally arrived, hubby and I are going away.  It has been so long, over ten years that we have gone away together.  Mainly because hubby would not leave our dog Max in a kennel.  True love for an animal.  But with our beloved Max gone, we will now have our time.

We missed him deeply.  He was a wonderful dog.

I will try to watch my eating and be sensible with it.  I am hoping to do some swimming.  That would be wonderful for my legs.

So I am off and running (running I wish) but I am off to have some nice R & R days.

Until later.....