Thursday, January 15, 2015

Just a quickie

Well I am running on borrowed time here. I have tons to do here at work, end of the year stuff. But I still wanted to take a minute to journal. Made dinner last night for hubby, simple casserole dish, chicken with veggies. It was really good. Well with not eating too much the two days prior, well I was quite stuffed. So stuffed that today I am really eating lite. Wow that is a first for me in a long, long time. Here’s hoping tonight’s number s at TOPS will be decent. Until later…………..

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Onto day two

Well onto day two of journaling. I really don’t have much to say because not much happens to me, which in turn can be a very good thing. So last night, I really didn’t have much of a dinner, mainly because hubby said not to make anything. See his thing was that he has a doctor appointment today, so in his mind if he eats light the scale won’t show too much of a gain from the holidays. I explain to him that isn’t really how it works but he does what he wants anyway. So I just grab something light and went on my way with the crocheting. I am making a baby blanker for my dear friend’s future granddaughter. The baby shower is scheduled for February. So far I am done the blanket and almost done with the headband and will be moving onto a pair of booties. I must admit keeping my hands busy does keep me from late night snacking. Ah maybe this is a plan…hehe So tomorrow is TOPS, I didn’t make it last week because of the weather, so hopefully I will tomorrow. This will be my first weigh in for 2015. I hope it is a good number and doesn’t reflect the holidays too badly. Until later………..

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Going back to what works

Well so much has happened, some good and some bad but that will be for another day. I have been so lazy with myself and that must stop. So just dropping by to say I need and must come back, journaling has helped me so much. So why do I ignore something that is so right for me? One thing that I am grateful for is that I have somewhat maintain the loss but definitely need to continue with it. I sort of have my plan set, at least with my eating plan. Now to get this old body of mine moving. One day at a time, I must remember that. Because those days add up to weeks and then to months and so on. To be continued…………………….