Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Onto day two

Well onto day two of journaling. I really don’t have much to say because not much happens to me, which in turn can be a very good thing. So last night, I really didn’t have much of a dinner, mainly because hubby said not to make anything. See his thing was that he has a doctor appointment today, so in his mind if he eats light the scale won’t show too much of a gain from the holidays. I explain to him that isn’t really how it works but he does what he wants anyway. So I just grab something light and went on my way with the crocheting. I am making a baby blanker for my dear friend’s future granddaughter. The baby shower is scheduled for February. So far I am done the blanket and almost done with the headband and will be moving onto a pair of booties. I must admit keeping my hands busy does keep me from late night snacking. Ah maybe this is a plan…hehe So tomorrow is TOPS, I didn’t make it last week because of the weather, so hopefully I will tomorrow. This will be my first weigh in for 2015. I hope it is a good number and doesn’t reflect the holidays too badly. Until later………..

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