Goals I pray to achieve

Thought I would list goals that I want to achieve, here is a start....

  1. to lose 40 pounds         done 03/01/2012
  2. to lose 50 pounds         done 05/10/2012
  3. to lose 60 pounds         done 10/04/2012
  4. to lose 70 pounds
  5. to lose 80 pounds
  6. to lose 90 pounds
  7. to lose 100 pounds
  8. get to size 26 pants     done 06/02/2012
  9. get to size 24 pants     done 06/02/2012
  10. get to size 22 pants     done with a pair of shorts  06/02/2012
  11. get to size 20 pants     done with a new pair of pants on 10/21/2012
  12. get to size 18 pants
  13. get to size 16 pants
  14. be able to get in my old jeans from 30 years ago (yes I still have them)
  15. not have my stomach touching the steering wheel (just notice this recently that it doesn't and it feels really good) done 03/15/2012
  16. go down a size in shoes, currently at 11  done 05/16/2012 size 10 now
  17. be able to take a nice long walk
  18. be able to get down on the floor without hurting
  19. would love to ride a bike outside again
  20. would love to wear high heels but don't know if my knee will allow
  21. try my wedding dress on - back from 1982.
  22. do gardening without getting sore and out of breath
  23. would like to do the breast cancer walk on mother's day

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