Sunday, March 6, 2016

Reporting again...

Trying to get back on track is certainly no easy task.  I know I make many excuses to not do it. I know I convince myself that these excuses are valid.  I also know that my head is not in the game.  Game?  It really isn't a game, it is a way of life.  Is life a game?  Sometimes I wonder.  Also too I feel I no longer want to play games.  Ok heading in a different direction here.  Focus, focus.  I seem to be finding out that I no longer can handle many situations/events/problems on one plate.  I am feeling my age, primary because of my weight.  I am feeling tired, sore, achy, exhausted, etc.  Perhaps maybe the weather, I may have turned into one of those people who doesn't like the long dark hours and reaches for sunshine.  Anyhow, the past week was sort of ok with eating.  I seem to do really well during the week, especially at work.  I pack my breakfast and lunch for work.  It is just coming home and making dinners.  Also, it doesn't help to not have a functional kitchen.  The contractors are suppose to start with the kitchen on March 14th.  Which I am glad, it is the day after the baby shower.  I really didn't need to have dust all over the baby shower items, which I do have a lot of.  My latest favorite thing right now is French Vanilla tea. is so good, it almost feels like having a dessert. It smells divine.  As they say baby steps for permanent changes.  So hopefully this maybe one of them.  I also know I am babbling on and on.  I guess because I am tired, didn't sleep too well last night.  Well need to start with dinner, daughter and hubby are coming over, once they are done with their hospital class and tour.  Only four more weeks until the wee one is born.  Getting excited.
Well here is wishing for a happy, healthy week.
Many blessings
Until later......................

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