Thursday, March 31, 2016

Still moving on

Again two weeks have passed by.  And even in those two weeks a lot has happened. 

Daughter had baby two weeks early.  I thank God she (granddaughter #2) is doing much better now, she is tiny but strong.  Also demolishing has started with the house.  Unfortunately during the ripping out of stuff, they (the contractors) had a mishap, which resulted in my rec room (finished basement) got flooded with two inches of water.  So with that the rug has now been ripped out.  So for right now, the bathroom on the second floor is completely gutted as also the kitchen on the first floor plus the rug removed in the basement.  Things are so crazy, I dread when they are done and then the cleaning process will begin.   Lucky me.

As for my weight, I am so tired of gaining, I am trying back again with journaling my food.  I will admit with the baby plus I too had a bit of a worry.  I needed to go and get a needle biopsy in the breast but I am thrilled that the report came back as benign.  So trying to keep things in perspective, the house is what it is and I will eventually get it back to where it should be.  

So with all of that I am trying to stay on the right path of healthy eating.  

Now if I can only get my sciatica nerve back to where it should be, then possible things would be really good.  Too much asking?   Nah not enough praying. 

Until later.

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