Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stop Dreaming

Again, another holiday upon us again.  I just wish the weather was more cooperative with the holiday.  Hopefully it will be nice on Easter Sunday.  Looks like hubby and I will be home together alone.  Unfortunately the kids will not be coming over.  I still will be making dinner but I will be keeping it simple.  Just making some ham, baked potatoes and a vegetable.  Will start it off with a nice salad.  That will be enough for us. 
As for my eating, well I feel I have done well except for last weekend.  Like the old saying goes either feast or famine and last weekend was a feast.  Hubby and I attended a wedding, and then the kids came over to celebrate my birthday and then on Sunday headed over to my sister’s house for a demonstration.  And of course there was plenty of food around, many snacks and many drinks.  Truthfully I am looking forward to a peaceful and quiet weekend.
Yesterday was very tiring, just as I was getting off the train I received a phone call from the nursing home my Pop is in.  Seems his blood pressure was very low so they had him transported to the hospital.  So there I was sitting in the ER room for many hours.  He seems to be better which I am thankful for.
One thing that I noticed from last week.  Especially the next day after the wedding.  I was sore, meaning my legs, but as the day wore on it seemed that my legs were a bit stronger?  This is showing me that I need to exercise more to gain strength but yet I failed to do it.  Why am I so lazy when it comes to exercising?  Sometimes I wish I had a secret pal standing right next to me telling me to get up and just do it.  I continually read this woman’s blog (which I may add is absolutely amazing and so inspiring) and how she would just do 30 seconds of walking, which may I add was excruciating for her.  And WOW you should see her today.  Even as I write this I am telling myself just 30 seconds, that is all you need to do, but I don’t.  This is one area that I am so weak in. 
Also there is this other woman who seems to have turned her life around, she exercises almost every day.  She just recently wrote how the numbers from her blood test came back better than ever.  This only proves how exercising improves your health.  So why don’t I get started?
I keep saying I am going to do something but don’t. 
I need to stop dreaming and make it a reality.
Until later…………

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Ahhh according to the calendar we are officially in the spring season, now for someone to tell Mother Nature that we are.  Perhaps she (MN) is giving us all a little bit more time to get into shape before the warmer weather is upon us, who knows.   No matter what I am so ready to shed the winter coat, hat and scarf. 
Well yesterday was my birthday and it was a very nice day.  So many people remembered and sent me many good wishes.  It really touches my heart.  This coming Saturday the kids with their fianc├ęs are coming over to celebrate the occasion.  This is what I look forward to the most when the entire family is together.  Gosh I miss my kids so much.
As for the past week, I am watching but not as well as I should.  This past week at work there were several breakfast occasions, which in turn means food.  I can’t seem to stay in control; I find more excuses and reasons to have something.  I am so weak in this area.  I am grateful though it doesn’t happen too often.  I read on another blog about a book I believe it is called “Eat that frog”.  I am hoping that I can find it, seems that this book is for procrastinators and gives motivation.  Which I must add I need desperately.  If anything I am truly grateful that I have found this woman blog, I truly believe it is God’s help that lead me to her.
Tomorrow night, one of my dearest friend’s son will be getting married.  This I am so looking forward to, I know me and hubby will have a fantastic time.  Mainly because we will be with our closest friends, which in total is 10 of us (five loving couples).  We really have a good relationship with all of them.  All of our children grew up together for many years.  This is going to be a blast of a time.
Then as I mention Saturday the kids will be coming over.  Then on Sunday my niece is having a 31 demonstration at my sister’s house.  So I am busy, busy this entire weekend.  I am loving it.
Tonight at TOPS we will be having our elections for new officers for next year.  I am kind of relieved but also sadden to leave the leader position, but perhaps when things calm down in my personal life I will have the opportunity to do it again.
Many changes but all for the good.
Until later……………..

Monday, March 11, 2013

Planning Works

Here I am back to Monday again.  Losing that one hour over this weekend usually messes me up for several days.  Now getting up in the mornings for work it is back to being dark again.  I so much enjoy the light. 
I will admit I did get a lot done this weekend.   First thing Saturday morning I went and ordered my dress for my daughter’s wedding.   I have chosen the color cranberry.  I hope it will turn out ok.  Then afterwards I went food shopping and got all my ingredients for all of the baking and cooking I wanted to do.  So between Saturday and Sunday I have cooked my heart out.  So I now have all my meals planned and prepared.  I have tendency to freeze a lot.  I made two pots of weight watchers soup.  So now I have lunch for the next two weeks.  WOOHOO.  I am trying hard to stay focused and to stay on track.
Last Thursday TOPS meeting was good, plus I am very happy to say I was the biggest loser for the week, I have gotten rid of another 5 ¼ pounds.  With that lost it put me into the next set of tens.  I am thrilled.
Then on Friday I went to Kohl’s (I just love that store).  Well my intentions were to get some bathroom items and possibly get a pair of jeans.  My current jeans are just so big that I can put them on and off without unsnapping or unzipping them.  Well I was so excited about getting into a pair of 20 size jeans that I wind up getting four pairs of pants.  It feels so good to have clothes that stay on. 
So with all of that it has helped my stay focused.  As a matter of fact I actually pulled out my pedometer counter but unfortunately the batteries are dead.  So I am aiming to get new batteries on my way home from work. 
Like everyone states…..plan…..plan….plan….   It does work.
Until later…………..

Monday, March 4, 2013

Can almost smell Spring

Finally we are in March; spring is just weeks away and with that I am so happy.  I really do hate the winter.  I can’t stand the cold, the darkness, the constant shut in.  Anyhow all I know that it is right around the corner for spring.
This past weekend, all the kids came around to celebrate Hubby’s birthday.  I made dinner which was chicken parmesan, with broccoli and small baked potatoes.  Started with a nice salad and ended it with his favorite (a very, very small Carvel ice cream birthday cake.)  It was a nice celebration and as always great having all my children around.
Other than that not much more happening, which in a nut shell I am extremely happy about.
One thing that I must mention is that my future daughter in law found this awesome web site of whom this woman did weight watchers and I believe still is doing it, well on her blog she listed all these wonderful recipes, not only did she state the WW points but she also stated the nutritional value of the item.  Anyhow, from her site I took the recipes Bacon, egg and cheese muffin meal.  Only this time I didn’t do bacon, instead I just used the egg, cheese and cut up real fine, fresh chives.  I actually made two batches so this way I have breakfast for the entire week.  I just love it.
As for TOPS, well I introduced a challenge and there are seven of us who are doing it.  It is called March’s biggest loser.  The goal here is to not gain and to be at every meeting.  If not if you miss a meeting or gain you will owe the kitty five dollars.  Some of the other members seem to feel that was too steep but I hung onto my rules and including me we have seven of us.   As of right now the kitty is zero but at the end of five weeks we should have something and the biggest loser by percentage will win that.   I hope I can do well.   Oh I almost forgot I lost another 2 pounds this week, so onward and downward the scale is going.
I am hoping probably next week I will be going to order my dress for my daughter’s wedding.  I am a bit nervous but it should be alright.  I guess I will find out at that time.
Until later..........