Thursday, March 21, 2013


Ahhh according to the calendar we are officially in the spring season, now for someone to tell Mother Nature that we are.  Perhaps she (MN) is giving us all a little bit more time to get into shape before the warmer weather is upon us, who knows.   No matter what I am so ready to shed the winter coat, hat and scarf. 
Well yesterday was my birthday and it was a very nice day.  So many people remembered and sent me many good wishes.  It really touches my heart.  This coming Saturday the kids with their fiancés are coming over to celebrate the occasion.  This is what I look forward to the most when the entire family is together.  Gosh I miss my kids so much.
As for the past week, I am watching but not as well as I should.  This past week at work there were several breakfast occasions, which in turn means food.  I can’t seem to stay in control; I find more excuses and reasons to have something.  I am so weak in this area.  I am grateful though it doesn’t happen too often.  I read on another blog about a book I believe it is called “Eat that frog”.  I am hoping that I can find it, seems that this book is for procrastinators and gives motivation.  Which I must add I need desperately.  If anything I am truly grateful that I have found this woman blog, I truly believe it is God’s help that lead me to her.
Tomorrow night, one of my dearest friend’s son will be getting married.  This I am so looking forward to, I know me and hubby will have a fantastic time.  Mainly because we will be with our closest friends, which in total is 10 of us (five loving couples).  We really have a good relationship with all of them.  All of our children grew up together for many years.  This is going to be a blast of a time.
Then as I mention Saturday the kids will be coming over.  Then on Sunday my niece is having a 31 demonstration at my sister’s house.  So I am busy, busy this entire weekend.  I am loving it.
Tonight at TOPS we will be having our elections for new officers for next year.  I am kind of relieved but also sadden to leave the leader position, but perhaps when things calm down in my personal life I will have the opportunity to do it again.
Many changes but all for the good.
Until later……………..

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