Monday, March 11, 2013

Planning Works

Here I am back to Monday again.  Losing that one hour over this weekend usually messes me up for several days.  Now getting up in the mornings for work it is back to being dark again.  I so much enjoy the light. 
I will admit I did get a lot done this weekend.   First thing Saturday morning I went and ordered my dress for my daughter’s wedding.   I have chosen the color cranberry.  I hope it will turn out ok.  Then afterwards I went food shopping and got all my ingredients for all of the baking and cooking I wanted to do.  So between Saturday and Sunday I have cooked my heart out.  So I now have all my meals planned and prepared.  I have tendency to freeze a lot.  I made two pots of weight watchers soup.  So now I have lunch for the next two weeks.  WOOHOO.  I am trying hard to stay focused and to stay on track.
Last Thursday TOPS meeting was good, plus I am very happy to say I was the biggest loser for the week, I have gotten rid of another 5 ¼ pounds.  With that lost it put me into the next set of tens.  I am thrilled.
Then on Friday I went to Kohl’s (I just love that store).  Well my intentions were to get some bathroom items and possibly get a pair of jeans.  My current jeans are just so big that I can put them on and off without unsnapping or unzipping them.  Well I was so excited about getting into a pair of 20 size jeans that I wind up getting four pairs of pants.  It feels so good to have clothes that stay on. 
So with all of that it has helped my stay focused.  As a matter of fact I actually pulled out my pedometer counter but unfortunately the batteries are dead.  So I am aiming to get new batteries on my way home from work. 
Like everyone states…..plan…..plan….plan….   It does work.
Until later…………..

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