Monday, March 4, 2013

Can almost smell Spring

Finally we are in March; spring is just weeks away and with that I am so happy.  I really do hate the winter.  I can’t stand the cold, the darkness, the constant shut in.  Anyhow all I know that it is right around the corner for spring.
This past weekend, all the kids came around to celebrate Hubby’s birthday.  I made dinner which was chicken parmesan, with broccoli and small baked potatoes.  Started with a nice salad and ended it with his favorite (a very, very small Carvel ice cream birthday cake.)  It was a nice celebration and as always great having all my children around.
Other than that not much more happening, which in a nut shell I am extremely happy about.
One thing that I must mention is that my future daughter in law found this awesome web site of whom this woman did weight watchers and I believe still is doing it, well on her blog she listed all these wonderful recipes, not only did she state the WW points but she also stated the nutritional value of the item.  Anyhow, from her site I took the recipes Bacon, egg and cheese muffin meal.  Only this time I didn’t do bacon, instead I just used the egg, cheese and cut up real fine, fresh chives.  I actually made two batches so this way I have breakfast for the entire week.  I just love it.
As for TOPS, well I introduced a challenge and there are seven of us who are doing it.  It is called March’s biggest loser.  The goal here is to not gain and to be at every meeting.  If not if you miss a meeting or gain you will owe the kitty five dollars.  Some of the other members seem to feel that was too steep but I hung onto my rules and including me we have seven of us.   As of right now the kitty is zero but at the end of five weeks we should have something and the biggest loser by percentage will win that.   I hope I can do well.   Oh I almost forgot I lost another 2 pounds this week, so onward and downward the scale is going.
I am hoping probably next week I will be going to order my dress for my daughter’s wedding.  I am a bit nervous but it should be alright.  I guess I will find out at that time.
Until later..........


  1. Cool! I'm with you. I'm hoping I can find a tops around Columbus that doesn't meet on Monday nights. That the night I have a choral group I really like and have to attend.

    What was the website.

    I'm proud of you!!!

  2. So happy you were able to find me.

    The website that you are asking about, is it tops? Below is the site....I hope this is what you are looking for. I really like my group and it has helped me alot. I wish you much luck.