Tuesday, February 26, 2013

If things could just stay like this

It is funny how one week can be so horrible and then the next just filled with content and happiness.  Obviously I would be just fine with the content but such is life.
I am please to state that my dad is back in the nursing home and is doing much better.  Even his spirits are good, which for me makes me very happy.  And as for my daughter, she is doing much better too.
Also too my daughter has found her wedding dress, oh my goodness, it is beautiful and she looks amazing in it.  She wants to do some small changes to it but she looks fabulous.  She was beaming from ear to ear; it took a lot to hold back the tears.  It kind of hit me too that my little girl is to be married.   As for my dress, well I think I am going in a few weeks to order mine.  I just can’t seem to pick exactly what color, either wine or cranberry. 
Well our challenge this week is going well with my TOPS group.  I just need to accept that it is always the same few who respond and really try to get into this.  I have told the group about me stepping down; they were not happy but understood the reasoning.  Actually I kind of feel relieved about the whole thing.  I really just want to concentrate on me, which is one of my reasons for even joining the group.  Even though I wasn’t trying my best last week I did manage to lose 2 pounds.  Now I need to get rid of 9 more to get to the weight I was before I had surgery in November.  Right now I am feeling good and confident I will get there again. 
Saturday the kids are coming over to celebrate hubby’s birthday.  I am making dinner and it will be healthy.  I have bought chicken and now looking for a two nice side dishes.  It should be nice.
Funny how when things are going well, my post are not that long but when something happens it could be two pages or more…..
Until later…………………


  1. I found your blog via Julie's, and can I just say, Wowza! So many stressful things going on and yet, you seem to have a grip on it all. Amazing!

  2. Well thanks for the compliment but really at the time I really didn't think I was so "all together" with everything. When things like this happen I just let things for myself just go to the waste side until things calm down and then I try to pick up from where I left off. The only thing that I must add is that when it does happen I am not letting too much time past like I did before.

    I took a peek at your blog and WOW what a accomplishment you have acheived. You look wonderful. When I have more time I would like to read your journey to such great health.

    Many hugs,