Monday, February 11, 2013

Eventful Weekend

An eventful weekend.  Saturday was nice, my dear girlfriend came over and we just spent the day just chatting.  It is so nice to have someone to really talk to, I mean someone you can just really open up with.  We have such a good relationship.  I love her dearly.

Everything was good until Sunday evening when my future son-in-law called telling us that he had to take our daughter to the hospital.  She was vomiting very violently and couldn’t stop.  Hubby and I just paced around waiting to hear what was wrong.  Seems that they told her she had colitis and that she needs to take it easy.  She also needs to follow up with her doctor.  So with being up all night I stayed home today.  I did get some sleep but I am so tired, but if I slept a lot during the day I know I wouldn’t get any rest tonight. 
So with that this post will be short. 

As for eating, well I again went overboard. 

Need so much to get it together.

Heading for bed with the attitude I will be strict with myself tomorrow.

Until later………….

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