Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally got "one good" day under my belt

Well today was a bit rough, but I sustained it through.  The evening is my really tough time.  Once dinner is over and everything is cleaned up, I then have the tendency to grab a snack or something to munch on as I watch possibly not even one hour of television.

So hopefully now with this blog, my fingers will be busy typing as oppose to shoving food in my mouth.  I am truly not hungry at all.  And as most people will say to plan is the ticket.  I planned everything on my menu and stuck to it.  I certainly hope that this gets easier, not even easier but more second nature.  I also spend some time to get more ideas for my meals.  I am trying to stay away from pasta, rice and potatoes.  I did happen to come across a site that suggests cauliflower as a substitute for rice.  Just take the cauliflower and grate it and I believe you just blanch it for a few moments.  I am going to try this, and hopefully hubby will like it.  It may be hard because he loves rice.  So I need to find a decent recipe that kind of calls for rice. 

Also I still am maneuvering around on this blog thing.  I am trying to find out how to make multiple pages.  I want to make a list of goals, small and large to help keep me on track and focused.  I will prevail.

Until later……

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