Monday, January 28, 2013

Spoiling myself a little

Well the weekend has passed and again it is Monday.  I have always hated Mondays, can’t really explain why but I just do.
Anyhow, this weekend was productive.  Yesterday I was really in the mood to cook and bake.  With no snacks in the house (according to hubby) I needed to make something for him.  I am quite happy though, that he does like the protein bars that I got from a friend.  As a matter of fact I made two batches yesterday, waited for them to cool down, sliced them up and wrapped them and then put them in the freezer. 
Oh and I received a lovely phone call from my future daughter in law.  Her and my son are doing Weight Watchers.  They both have lost 5 pounds from the last two weeks.  So that was our main conversation, plus I told her that I was interested in some of the recipes, so she stated about coming to my house and having a bake day of good foods.  I can’t wait, should be fun.
Also too lately I am in the mood for lots of fruit.  I know it may be a bit expensive but I am thoroughly enjoying fresh cut up fruit from the supermarket.  Everything is cut up already and is in its own juices.  Some may say why do you just buy the fruit and cut it up yourself but I figure it out this way, I really do go out much, I don’t spend money senselessly so why not treat myself to what I do like.  So yesterday I got a 6 pounds bowl of cut up fruit for 26.00.  It has everything in it, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, melon, oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, watermelon and kiwi.  Such a lovely mixture.  That is going to be my treat after dinner for the entire week.
Right now it is snowing and they are predicting that we may get some freezing rain, I certainly hope not.  As I have gotten older seems that the weather conditions, (of course it is just winter) I have develop anxiety because of it.  Funny how when I was younger, I used to wonder about if people liked me.  What they thought of me, etc.  Now being older, well I figure who I am is who I am and if you don’t like me, well that is your problem, and as for the weather I could care less about it.  Well seems that it has switch places. Funny how some things can bother us, no matter what the age.
Well I better get started with my work.
Until later…………

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  1. I've found that sometimes it is better to spend the money to get prepared portions. I recently started eating carrots. The first time I bought "baby" carrots.I know they are just carrots that get shaved into that shape. One pound was about $1.50. Last time I was shopping, my 7 year old asked me to get "real" carrots. They were 64 cents for 2 pounds. Cost per pound for baby carrots was about 5x the cost of real carrots. I took my carrots (left some alone for the boy) and cleaned and cut them into chunks. It took just a few minutes.

    But next time, I think I will spend the extra money for baby carrots! So much easier!