Sunday, September 22, 2013

Just updating

I am taking some time out to update here a bit, plus taking a break.  It is crazy of how the time is just flying by.  As for this week, I am concentrating on my son’s surprise birthday party which is this coming Saturday.  I will be doing a lot of running around this week.  It is mostly shopping for the food and such.  Thank goodness I took Friday off, it is mostly to get majority of the cooking done.  My future daughter in law will be coming over once she is done work on Friday, so that will be a great help.

Saturday I went for my second fitting, the woman does a beautiful job.  The dress fits perfect.  I am still kind of shy about wearing a strapless gown, one thing I will say is that I am NOT taking off the jacket at all.  Meanwhile with all of this I have been wearing my shoes, trying to break them in.  But just to be safe I intend to go out and buy ballet slippers because being in those shoes the entire day, well, I really don’t think I will make it.

Well at TOPS on Thursday I am down another 1 ½ pounds.  I am so grateful for.  I just need to lose another two pounds and then I will be back to my lowest since starting with my new way of life.  My plan for this week is to continue my usual plan but I am investigating maybe going after another plan.  I have been reading and trying to get educated in low carb and low sugar.  I have been reading many other blogs and it seems to make a lot of sense.  I am just hoping I can do this.

Well break time is over; I need to finish dinner before Hubby gets home from work.  Plus I need to get things ready for work tomorrow.

Hope all is enjoying this gorgeous weather.  I just love the fall, it is beautiful here.  I just wish it would last a lot longer than just a month or so.

Until later….


  1. Hi Anna Marie, I haven't lost weight for the last month now. Sort of a plateau to get used to weight already lost. But I'm gearing up again. I'm going to get stricter with food choices and tighter food journaling. Apple season is always a pretty good time for me to eat healthy food--you know, a LOT of apples. My weigh-in is tomorrow night. I don't think it's promising at all. But I'm still going and facing it. :D

    1. Oh, I have you on my blog roll on the side of my blog now. :D

  2. Anna,

    Yeah, I have been reading a lot more about carbs and sugars. I read a book called Fat Chance that for me really broke down how sugars and everything impact our bodies. I am finding that the more I read and research things that more things make sense to me, and then I can in my mind justify making changes. I am really trying to reduce a lot of the processed food. I also read something that said artifical sweetners actually have the same impact on your body in regards to effects on insulin, but you know you read a different opinion Excited for you about weight loss, and all you got going on this week. sounds like it is going to be a great week:)

    Many hugs