Thursday, October 3, 2013

I need to move on

Trying to catch up with everyone and it is a bit overwhelming. 

Still getting things ready for the wedding.  Saturday I go for my final fitting, I should be able to pick my dress up.  I have been stretching my shoes but I still have a backup for later in the evening.  I have my hair appointment made plus my hairdresser talked me into getting at least my eyes done.  That is something that I have never done before.  I hope I am a good, well sort of candidate.  We’ll see what happens.

Not only have I been busy with the wedding, I have also been busy with my son’s surprise 30th birthday party, which was this past Saturday.  He was completely unaware of it and totally surprised.  Everyone stated that they had a good time.  I couldn’t have asked for better weather, which I am so so grateful for.  Majority of the people was outside in our yard.  We set up plenty of tables and chairs, so there was plenty of room and very comfortable too.  Oh and of course we had plenty of food.  I tried my best to send as much as possibly home, but we still had some left over.

Monday I had all my appointments at the hospital.  It all deals with my breasts and lump nodes.  But I am so happy to say that they have cleared me for another six months.  If all is well in six months I can finally go back to the yearly check up.

Today I was home, all because of a stupid act on my park.  To make a long story short, yesterday, last night, I was getting something out of my SUV, had the item in my hands, lean against the car with the item, and went to pull down the hatch and BAM.  I pulled the hatch down right on my head.  Oh my, I thought I saw stars, for a quick moment I felt a bit woozy but it went away.  I did though have a small little lump on my head.  I put cold on it and the lump went down.  But I hardly slept, so I stayed home today.  As a matter of fact, once I am done with this I am going to head to bed a bit earlier.

I did read a few blogs; one in particular was how Marion had kept a food journal for a whole year.  I am like, WOW, that is awesome.  Then I started thinking, I have always done well when I journal.  Then it came to me that I stop if I overeat, don’t eat the right thing, whatever.  Then it dawn onto me, I should just journal no matter what.

So with that I have found a small notebook, and it will have everything that I eat, even if I eat the wrong food.  Lately I have just be somewhat maintaining the same weight.  Gain a pound or two and then lose the same pounds over and over again.  I need to move on.

Until later…………..


  1. Hi Anna Marie! Sorry about your huge conk on the head. That must have felt awful! Your son's party sounds very nice.

    I'm excited that you are taking up food journaling--because it was a miracle for me. It really fixed a lot of bad food habits. I also have a small notebook that fits in my purse, and it often is by my nightstand when I'm home. Don't worry about perfection, just try to write something everyday. When I threw perfection out the window, then I started consistent journaling. Keep me updated. :D

  2. Thanks Marion for the encouragement. Wow, it is actually you read my mind. I was thinking about all the times I would journal before and it finally dawned on me that I would only journal if I was doing well, once I would mess up with eating, well it didn't make it to the journal. This time I am just going to write everything, hopefully it will bring me to realize what I am doing that I shouldn't. Going to try to keep this up and yes I will keep you posted.
    Oh and as for the conk, thank goodness it is much better.

    1. Hi Anna Marie, Your thinking is good--no matter what, just keep going!!! And it is especially important to food journal on days when you don't like how you ate. It sort of clears the mind and starts a person fresh again. I used to beat myself up for eating poorly for days turning into weeks--with binges as the weapon against myself! That's why it's super important to quickly forgive whatever you did with acting responsible to yourself about it is--face it enough to write it down. If you mess up or skip a day, start again over and over. It's like riding a bike. Sometimes you fall over, or run the bike into the ditch, but eventually it becomes easier to just stay on track. And consistency--that's the mark of success. When I foo-joued consistently--the weight started falling off. I hope that works so well for you! <3

  3. So excited that everything checked out at the doctor office. I am learning a lot from journaling. More than that I am learning to be more mentally aware. Writing the blog is helping me so much too. So glad the 30th birthday party went well. Excited for you about the upcoming wedding.

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment.
    I must say that journaling, whether it be for food or emotions, it is an eye opener for all aspects. I am glad that you are doing this, it will help a lot.