Monday, February 16, 2015

I want to be home and warm

I thought Friday was cold but today is even worse. Such a lousy morning I had, trying to get to work. The usual train that I take shut down, while sitting in the train for 40 minutes first. Thank goodness hubby was still home to pick me up and take me to the bus terminal. Finally got to work, over an hour late, but I made it in. I really pushed to get in today because they are calling for a substantial amount of snow tonight into tomorrow, if that is the case, I certainly am not traveling then. As for my weekend, I was in the house the entire time. Didn’t go anywhere. Just finished my crocheting projects for future baby showers and stuff. Normal cleaning and straightening up, plus laundry. But as for my eating, well that too went to the dogs. On Valentine’s Day, hubby gave me chocolate, which I even told him not to get, but he never listens. He did also give me a gift card to one of my favorite places, Kohl’s. I really appreciate the thought but I still wish he would listen to me. Not much more, just really cold here in work (building was closed for the weekend plus being a holiday today, they just turned the heat up in the mid morning). Many of us are wearing heavy sweaters and gloves to take the chill away. All I can think of is that I just want to be home. Until later……………


  1. Roll on the Spring ...... surely it will soon be here?

    Chocolate can be lovely to receive but I always ask for the Dark 85% type - so lovely to have just a square with a cup of coffee.

    All the best Jan

  2. Hi Anna Marie, We're very close to spring now. I noticed this morning that it was very sunny at 6:30 a.m. which is wonderful! The days are getting longer. I like Kohls too, because there always seems to be something I like that's on super sale. So a gift card is great. :-)

  3. Hi there stranger :) For some reason Pam came to mind this morning and I found myself emailing her and thinking of you too :) So thought I'd come over here and check on you. Hope you're well and one of these days I hope to get up there to meet you both :) Sending you a hug :)

  4. Hi Dawn,
    That is so sweet of you. I am doing fine, actually quite busy these days. As a matter of fact, this Saturday is the baby shower for my daughter-in-law. Yes I am going to be a grandmom and I am so excited. Things are good, in some areas could be better but slowly, and I mean very slowly trying to turn things around. I still attend TOPS, I won’t quit that, even with me not doing what I should be doing, I just feel I will get my rear in gear again.
    I pray that all is well with you and your family. I imagine that Maria is getting so big. Do you still belong to TOPS?
    Hopefully I may get back into blogging again.
    I hope to chat with you again.
    Enjoy your day.
    Many hugs

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