Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 46

Here at work, well things are getting a bit tense.  I really need to get this particular report done by Monday April 16 and I am getting nervous.  I am trying hard to stay focused. 

Also too last night I get a call from my daughter asking me for some thoughts and opinions, so after work I went to her house.  Seems that she is very upset with her work.  She received her mid-review and items that her manager put down were not pleasing to her.  Seems that my daughter has some co-workers that do not like her and are friends with the manager.  And this has all reflected on my daughters review.  Also too some other co-workers that my daughter knows are all pulling for her and tell her that this is not right and not fair.  She is becoming depressed and so stressed out.  I feel so bad for her right now.  I am praying so hard that the truth will come up to the surface.  I know deep down she wants to quit but that is not her style.  Also too she just loves the children and loves working with them.  It is just breaking my heart seeing her so down.  Like any mother, I just want to go up these women and beat the $h*t out of them and then tell them off, but we know that is not going to happen.  I keep reminding myself and also told my daughter that things will get better and that God has a special reason why she is going through all of this.  I just pray that things will get better for her real soon.

Still on track with food, hoping that I at least stay the same, but will be grateful for a small loss.

Also too my binders came in yesterday, so tonight I will prepare them for Thursday's meeting.

Well I need to get moving on my reports.

Until later............

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  1. Hope your meeting tomorrow is great, I'm sure it will be :) I head off to SRD tomorrow so I'll check back in on you Monday :) Have a great rest of the week and weekend.