Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 55

Finally the day is almost over.  I kind of dreaded today because my sister and I took off from work to take our dad to the doctors.  He needed to get evaluated because of the past two weeks of episodes that had occured with him.  Doctor is checking him for an urinary tract infection.  Seems that if he does have this, that an UTI can cause dementia to show worse than it is.  This is no denying that he has dementia but he has show more signs of it being worse.  If the test comes back negative, we need to address the next step with this disease.  This next step is going to be very difficult.  Mainly because we feel that dad will not accept the possibility of moving from independent to assist living.  Also too he will need to give up driving, which truthfully I fear him driving but I really don't know what to do. So after the doctors we went to see my son, who doesn't live far from there.  We then all went out to the diner for something to eat.  I believe dad enjoyed himself.  Afterwards we went back to my son's house.  Then to finish off the day we took him shopping for a few things, then headed back to his apartment.  I finally got home just about the same time I would from work.  Funny I feel more exhausted from all of this than from work.  Not that it is much more of physical but it was a very emotional drain. 

Now I am just  sitting and relaxing before my meeting for tonight.  I am so hoping to lose at least one pound to make my fifty.

Saturday I need to take dad to the hospital for some blood work and then I thought I would take him out for breakfast.  He enjoys so much going out for a ride and also going out for eating.  Oh as for today, I think I choose pretty wisely for my meal.  I stayed away from the salt shaker.  Also I got a nice omelet with asparagus and Swiss cheese.  Usually I love (which I still do) love the omelet with potatoes, sausage, onions, peppers and cheese. So this time no sausage and no potatoes.

Maybe just maybe I am getting a bit better with this.  This would be so awesome and such a break through for me.  I certainly hope so.

Well time to freshen up and get ready for the big weigh in.

Until later......

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