Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 38

Yesterday was a nice day.  Took the girls to see the bridesmaid dress and they love it.  So now the girls just need to order it.  There are four girls, three of them will be wearing the color burnt orange and the maid of honor will be what is called tangelo.  I really didn't look for myself.  I glanced around at the racks but nothing really caught my eye. Afterwards we went to Wegman's market cafe to get something to eat.  Again with my weakness, going out.  We were starving.  It was now approximately four o'clock and none of us had eaten the entire day. Well we sure made up for it.  I thought I was overloading my plate but you should have seen the girls.  Anyway bottom line is that I blew it for the day, trying to stay within 1500 calories but I know I had over 2000.

I am back on track for sure.  I just finished my breakfast and now I am drinking my diet green tea, total of 40 ounces and then will fill up my 32 ounce cup.  I am hoping to finish it all before lunch.  As for lunch I have my soup and then I just need to figure out what will be for dinner.  Hopefully this week will be pretty good.  Last week hubby was on vacation and he made dinner several times this week and not that I don't appreciate it but he certainly doesn't make the most healthiest dinners.  I also need to get out of my head is that we will not have a TOPS meeting this week because of Holy Thursday.  You see our meetings are held at the church and with mass going on Thursday evening it is just not happening. So many of us including me have this mind set that OK I can kinda cheat since I am not getting weighed this week.  That has to stop, no matter what I must be consciences about everything that goes in my mouth.  Personally I really would love to have a good loss next week.  So I better, maybe put up some reminders about what I should be doing. 

Until later..........

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