Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 59

Wow, where do I start?  This has been one crazy and exhausting weekend.  Plus it certainly was not good.  OK, I started Saturday bright and early.  I had to take Pop to the hospital for him to have blood work done.  He needed to fast, so it was early.  Afterwards I took him out for breakfast.  He actually ate pretty well. Then he proceeded to tell me that he wanted to go food shopping at Giant.  On the way there, he complained that the housekeeping staff took all of his undershirts and that he needed new ones, (don't believe that story but) so he insisted that we go to Forman Mills outlet.  While in the store I noticed he was holding onto anything he could as he walked.  I became concerned and told him to stay here by a empty counter and I would pay for the stuff.  Once I got him to the car, I wanted to take him back home but again angrily he insisted that we go to the food store because he needed some things.  So off we go, dropped him off at the door and then went and parked.  Once I got in the store I noticed how he was walking fast and practically leaning so much on one side while pushing the cart.  That I grabbed him and commanded him to sit down at the cafe.  Once I got him settled I proceeded to shop for him.  I just wanted to get him home.  Which finally happened.  Did some cleaning for him and once I got home I immediately called my sister.  I told her everything that had happened and also told her that we really need to put more attention to him and need to visit him more often.  Also that his apartment is a total mess and we need to straighten it out.  She agreed.  Anyhow that was Saturday.  Now onto Sunday, I tried calling Pop in the early afternoon, just past lunchtime and there was no answer.  I kind of figured he was out on the main floor of the retirement home he resides in.  So I continued with my ironing and wanted to fix some clothing pieces of mine.  So around 3:50 in the afternoon, I got a phone call from the hospital.  And yes Pop is there.  Seems that his blood work from Saturday got back to his diabetic doctor and his sugar levels were over 600 points and that he wanted Pop to go to the hospital immediately.  So what does Pop do, being Sunday he went to church then went to the hospital.  Not only that he still didn't eat and obviously did not take his insulin.  So at the hospital his blood sugar was way over 700 points this time.  So of course I immediately went over and called my sister.  By the time we left his sugar was down to 245 points.  Pop will be staying in the hospital for at least a few days to get his sugar under control.  By the time I got home I was starving and therefore I ate 1 and a half sandwiches.  One would have been fine but I allow my emotions take over.  Because once I ate that, after a brief period I didn't feel well.  Why do we allow to destroy ourselves?  I slept OK but I do feel a bit tired.  Today I am going to leave work a tad bit earlier so I can get to the hospital as soon as I get home.  I certainly do not feel like working at all.  I really just want to sleep.  This might be a bit selfish but I hope all of this does not interfere with Thursday night.  Only God knows what will happen.

Got loads of work to get done but I am grateful that the boss is out today.

Until later............


  1. So sorry to hear about your dad but glad he's in the hospital being taken care of. Hope his blood sugar levels out, that is scary. Don't beat yourself up over the food, overcoming using food in a situation like that is tough.

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