Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 54

OK great way to start a day is having someone back into your vehicle.  It was a young man, we are both at a red light, then turning onto the road was a school bus.  With the bus trying to turn the corner, this young man decides to back up to give the bus more room to make the corner.  Well, as he was backing up I am holding down my horn to warn him I am behind him, well, enough said, slam right into me.  Well the light turns green for us and he proceeds to go down the street.  Well I am honking at him, that he better pull over to examine if any damages.  Finally about a quarter of a mile, I pull over and so did he.  Well we check out my car and again God is always with me, nothing done and everything is OK.  I will admit I was getting angry that he wasn't pulling over.  It wasn't like there was no room to do so.  But just in case I did get his license plate number.  HTC9781.  At least I got it somewhere.

Last night I didn't do any yard work, instead I made biscottis.  I found this recipe and thought I would try it out.  They came out good, only thing in the recipe, I was suppose to get 48 servings but I certainly don't know how in the world you are suppose to.  I only got half of that which was 24.  In the picture they are a decent size but OMG even with it being 24 pieces, they are so small.  I am sorry it is certainly not worth 100 calories for these tiny bit size pieces.  I am trying to look for something tasty and somewhat filling dessert or something close to that for our meeting for next week.  Next week is our induction ceremony, and everyone is bringing something for the meeting.  Next week is when I will become leader.  I need to search some more recipes.  Hopefully I can come up with something.

Also too, I spoke to my son this morning.  During our conversation, we spoke about how hubby wants to see Bruce Springsteen this coming fall.  It is usually hubby contacts son to get tickets, because my son seems to get "lucky"?? or whatever in ordering tickets and being able to get good seats.  So while we were talking about it, my son turns around and so whatever happened to dad's promise??.  I told him no big deal, I really don't think dad is going to keep it.  He turns around and says it is not fair and I am going to say something to him.  I told him no but I thanked him for remembering his fathers promise.  At least someone remembers.  I still have the feeling though he will mention something to his father. We will see what happens.

Tomorrow I am off and I need to take Pop to the doctor.  I certainly hope he is able to help him or at least steer us in the right direction to get him some help.  I really think his dementia is getting worse and unfortunately he is becoming more difficult to handle.  I feel sometimes bad for him because sometimes you can see the frustration and angry in him when he is lost and doesn't understand why he can't remember or whatever.  The part that hurts the most is when he gets so angry with me or another family member.  All we want to do is help and there are times he just pushes us away.  I pray that it will go well tomorrow.

Oh and I made a great dinner last night.  After the baking and seeing how much time I had left.  I decided to make these fantastic tuna cakes that a special woman makes.  OMG they were delicious and with them I made mixed vegetables and a sweet potato.  All of it was so so yummy.  Most important is that hubby really like it too.

Well if anything I did finally get my report done.  Such a relief.  Now onto things that I have let go to get that done.  Looking forward to having off tomorrow.

Until later..................

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  1. I haven't made my tuna cakes in ages. Since Kevin is gone no one eats them but me and everyone complains they stink up the house lol. But maybe I will make them anyway. :)