Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 61

Seems that dad is going to be released today.  He has qualified for re-hab at the center which I believe will help him tremendously.  Not too much to say here.  I am exhausted but relieved.  I am a bit upset with some family but I have no control over them nor their feelings.  I am trying real hard to let it all go.  I just need to be with peace with myself and then things will be alright.  I also need to make some more calls in regards about Pop.

Funny thing yesterday, I needed to run home because speaking with hubby, our dog, Max is also sick. Seems he has some type of stomach bug, which in turn, he has diarrhea.  So hubby tells me he didn't go this morning and feared he may go in the house.  So before I went to see Pop at the hospital, I went home and oh boy....did I have some "nice" presents in my dining room.  So I had to clean that up.  Before I came home I stopped at Wawa to get Pop a newspaper and something to eat, while there I was hungry so not thinking at all and just wanted it and I bought a small bag of Doritos.  As I was leaving, my neighbor was out and came over to speak to me.  Told her about my dad and proceeded to eat some Doritos, and she saw them and hollered at me (nicely though) and took my bag away from me.  I instantly felt like a little kid doing something wrong.....but she is right, she asked why am I eating these.....that is junk.....she is so right......I am glad.....afterwardsI had a small bowl of fruit.  It is so nice to have people around you that know what you are trying to do...meaning as trying to get healthy. 

Well time to get moving with my reports.

Until later............

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  1. Sorry to hear about your dad but glad he's getting help and hope the assisted living thing goes ok.

    Your neighbor story reminded me of last night when I had a weak moment. It is nice to have people try to help you even if it does at times make you feel like a kid.