Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 44

Just got home from church and I feel so serene and calm.  Our pastor has such a way with words.  Reminding all of us how we should put all our trust in the lord and how the lord loves us all.  It was a very nice mass.  It was so nice to see the church filled with so many families.  I wish it was like that every Sunday.
Now hubby and I are just relaxing until it is time to go for our early Easter dinner with Pop.  Yesterday I went to see my children because I won't see them today.  It was a long outing but very nice and pleasing.
Not much more to say, Yesterday I didn't have much to eat with all the running around I did.  So far this morning I just had a bagel with some lite cream cheese.  Just need to continue to stay focused and not be obsessed with dinner.
Oh I almost forgot I am so so happy.  A dear friend who I have met many years ago from a diet program through the internet, contacted me and asked about joining TOPS.  It was so sweet of her that she stated that she didn't want to intrude my privacy.  I instantly called her and insisted that she should come and she if she likes it.  I hope she does.  It will be awesome.  Part of me can't wait until Thursday.  On the other hand I am getting a bit nervous.  I will be sitting in for our leader since she won't be there.  I pray that the ladies like my topic. Now I am just waiting for the binders that I ordered for the ladies comes in before Thursday.  I hope that they understand my goal of what I would like to do for this year.  I can only pray.

Until later......

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  1. Is this our mutual friend? That's so cool. Oh wanted to mention that I might be somewhere near you next month though I'm not sure where you live exactly lol. Maybe we can email and figure out a visit. Maybe we can include our one mutual friend too. Would be great to meet you both :)