Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 48

Well, it is finally Thursday and tonight is my meeting.  I have all my binders and papers in order.  I am excited and of course nervous.  Yesterday was a very hard day.  I was running around here at work, I am surprised that I even had time to breathe.  It was nuts. Then last night my sister and I went to visit our dad.  We needed to have a good talk with him because he has been doing stuff that he shouldn't.  I pray that we got through to him in regards about his actions.  But being 91 he just blames his age and most of the time just tunes us out.  But with the grace of god maybe, just maybe he heard us and will try to do better.

I guess with tonight's meeting and being excited, I feel kind of good inside.  I also feel good because I have a dress on that I haven't worn in years.  I even think I look good.  So with all of this I am going to strut my stuff, so to speak.

If anything I hope today is nothing like yesterday, with the constant calling of my name.  Whew I was exhausted.

So with that I need to run and get this lousy reports done, once and for all.

Until later........

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