Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 51

I am all showered and dress, just passing some time before I head off to church.  I am a bit sore today all because yesterday I spent the entire day outdoors.  I cleaned out the entire patio and scrubbed all the patio furniture.  I even started pulling the weeds out of some of the picnic area.  Pulled out my spring flower baskets.  Now when I looked of what I got done I feel good but originally I wanted to do more.  Funny it is just like when you are starving.  Your eyes are much bigger.  I was hoping I would have gotten much more done.  I guess I sometimes don't realize of how much work I want to get done compared to how much I can move to get it all done.  As the saying goes your eyes are much bigger than your stomach, so is my eyes are much bigger than what I want to get done.  If that makes any sense.

When I first got out of bed, it was like OMG what did I do to my back, then wow my legs are really achy.  Then I realized that I really worked myself out yesterday.  Before I took my shower I was thinking that I better take it easy, I certainly don't want to go to work hurting.  Then after the shower and then getting dressed, I am now not hurting as much.  It is just my muscles telling me, wow you really worked us out, part of me is thinking that my muscles want some more.  So after church, I think I may go out back again and see if I can get the rest of the picnic area done.  That would be nice

I pulled out some chicken for dinner and I also want to go to the produce store for some more fruit.  It seems that if I have fruit around I am picking at that than as for looking something else.  Oh and the vinegar solution does work.  My strawberries are still nice and fresh.  Even my blackberries are holding up fine. 

I have also been thinking about how I am disappointed in my hubby.  Story is that he loves Bruce Springsteen and as for his last two tours, hubby really wanted to go.  I have no problem with that, so he went, but here is the kicker.  Hubby went in 2010 to all "four" shows.  At that time he promised me he would take me away for a weekend.  Nothing big, just possibly a ride to the New Jersey shore.  Well that never happened.  Well Bruce was in town again, back in March and he went again, also not just one but again to both shows.  Even my kids reminded him about his promise of two years ago.  He mentioned it and said to me, well why don't you booked everything.  That is not the problem.  You see I always need to do the planning.  Just once I wish he would take the initiative and do it.  I even explained to him about it and he promised he would, keep in mind this was two years ago.  Well he still hasn't planned anything or even mentioned anything.  Well guess what.....Bruce is coming back again in September.  And yes he wants to go again.  I love him dearly but this hurts.  Not big time but I honestly thought he would have kept his promise.  I guess I just need to forget it and just accept that it will never happen.  I guess this really came to my mind because I was talking to my sister and her and her husband went away to Cape May this weekend.  I found this out during this week.  Then yesterday my neighbor and her husband were going away for the weekend and guess what....yes they were going to Cape May.  So I couldn't help myself and think Couldn't my husband plan a weekend away???    Guess not..............

Just feeling a bit blue here.............this too shall pass.............

Until later....................

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  1. Well I say plan it and he will go :) That's how it works in my house too :) and I've come to realize some men are planners and some are planners of things they want to do lol. My husband is the same way. If Cape May is where you want to go then go :)