Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 60

Well the saga continues with my dad.  The social worker from dad's doctor really feels that dad can not continue with his current livings conditions,which is independent living.  They are suggesting he becomes assisted living.  Seems that dad is forgetting to take his meds or re-arrange his schedule.  Dad is going to be transferred tomorrow to re-hab, where they feel he needs so he can get some of his strength back.  So my sister and I need to meet with his social worker, hopefully soon.  I don't know when yet because once he is transferred he will be assessed on his condition, then we will meet with the person. 

Again I was exhausted from yesterday.  But I seem to have a better control with my eating.  I actually logged everything that went into my mouth.  And I was a tad bit under total calories allowed.  Also too, (this might be TMI) but with all that is going on it is now affecting me phsycially (meaning bathroom issues).  I am trying to be strong but I have no control with my body when issues come up.  Certainly not the right way to lose weight....for sure.

My main concern is how Dad will take the transition from independent to assisted living.  I pray he will adjust well and comfortable.  We will only see.  What also bothers me is his attitude.  Almost can see his will is fading and that is what really bothers me.  I can only pray that, if anything that will improve.

Until later..................

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