Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 50

Just taking a small break from cleaning our back patio and preparing it for the summer.  Washing down the floor and bringing out and cleaning the patio furniture.  Then afterwards I will be bringing out all of my spring hanging baskets to hang around the sides.  Hopefully if I get all that done I can than proceed to get out in the yard and start sprucing up that area.  I need to wash down the small patio table and chairs for the picnic area.  Then need to weed out all the lousy weeds in the bedrock areas and then bring out my ceramic pieces and then after that go through all of my solar panel lanterns and see which was need to be replaced and then hang them out throughout the garden areas.  It is a lot of work but when it is all done, it is just a fabulous place to sit and relax and just enjoy nature.  It is one of my serene place to be at home.  Just soaking in the sun and then the cool evenings, with a nice magazine or book or just to sit and enjoy some relaxing music. 

Last night hubby and I went out for dinner.  Nothing special, we just went to Olive Garden.  I haven't been there in such a long time.  Now I will admit I did go overboard with my calories but I am kinda of proud too.  Being that I really wanted to have the chicken dinner which has loads of cheese and some kind of cream sauce but I did opt for the salmon dinner.  They now put on their menus the calorie content of the meals, so the chicken dinner was supposed to be about 1100 while the salmon dinner was 510.  I had soup which was 170 a bowl, but I did have two bowls but no desert at all.  Actually I even brought home the rest of the salad, which was quite a bit.  Hubby and I had two bowls served to us. And I did have a nice drink, which was a strawberry daiquiri.  It may not be the best but I truly believe I am making some better decisions. 

Well my break time is over and I must get moving.  If I sit too long then I won't want to finish.

Until later................

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  1. Your garden/outback area sounds lovely wish we could hang out there together with tea and talk :) thats what I was picturing when I read it :) maybe one of these days.