Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 63

Thank goodness it is Friday......I so need to get some rest.  Well Pop is finally situated at the retirement home he resides in.  He is actually in the re-hab unit which is in the nursing home section.  I certainly hope and pray that this will help him get some of his strength back which he so desperately needs.  They have told my sister and I that hopefully in another week he will be evaluated to see how he is doing and then we will meet with some of the social workers to determine what type of care he will need.  It has come to the conclusion that he can no longer be independent especially with his dementia.  Which unfortunately is slowly getting worse.  The doctors stated that they can not do anything more for him.  He is already on medication for this and that there is no other, or stronger dose for him.  It is so sad to see him struggle sometimes to remember things.  But I am trying to take one day at a time with him and trying to make them enjoyable and happy for him and for me.

Well last night I have officially become the leader of our TOPS chapter.  It was such a nice ceremony.  So I now need to start planning my future meetings.  I only hope and pray that I watch my mouth.  I certainly have the tendency to not think first before I speak.  I never have the intentions of hurting anyone but sometimes what I mean to say comes out in a different way and then the other person takes it completely different.  Not that I said anything last night but this one woman stated that she gained 5 pounds over two weeks and can't understand why.  She stated that she watches what she eats and even this last week hardly ate because she had her grandchild, (she just became a grandmother for the first time).  I have suggested in the past just write it down to see exactly what you are eating, but she stated that she doesn't like to do that, that it is wasting her time, etc.  I really like her and she is so nice but I feel she is not being honest.  I don't know I need to think about it some more, maybe I might get lucky and something will come up in my head, a good way to approach this type of situation.  All I want to do is help.  I am going to give it a couple of weeks and see what happens.  Maybe I just need for them to really see what kind of job I am doing and maybe I will approach her privately.  I don't know but with the grace of God, maybe he will clear a path for her and me. 

With everything going on this past week and with my horrible eating habits, or horrible food selection, I was surprised that I stayed the same.  I am so so grateful for that.  Oh and yesterday I actually came up with an idea which I hope I can start shortly.  My problem with exercising is my legs or I should say my knee.  I can only walk a short distance before the pains starts and makes it difficult.  I would do so much better if I had something to hold onto, like a stroller or a cart.  Well I don't have any grandchildren, at least not now and I don't know anyone with a baby to ask if I could take them for a walk.  But I was thinking I could use a cart.  So why not take a trip to the supermarket and walk around and just buy a pack of gum.  Or why not take a cart and go to Lowe's, walk around and just buy some washers.  I kinda wish the mall had carts, I would then go window shopping.  I thought it was a good idea.  I hope I am able to get some time real soon, as soon as I get Pop all situated and then go off and do my thing.  I know that would certainly help me with my journey, and who to say, I probably maybe get some more strength in my legs. 

Well people are beginning to come in and I have plenty of reports that need to get done today.

Until later...............

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