Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 41

Ah what a night, last night I get a call from the facility that my dad lives at and seems that Pop is stirring trouble again.  He is a good man but whenever anyone should cross his path, well look out.  He becomes such hatred, mean, nasty foul mouth man.  He will say everything and anything to get back, in his eyes.  Well, he was angry because this young man spilled apple juice on him and refuses to pay for the dry cleaning.  According to Pop this is not the first time this has happened.  Pop now feels that this young man does it on purpose. Problems is, is that Pop feels he can handle the situation completely on his own and not tell anyone.  Then when he says something and he gets no response then he gets mean and mad.
So hopefully after talking with the nurse and security things will calm down.  Even when I spoke to Pop he doesn’t remember the entire situation.  I believe the dementia is getting worse for him.  I explained to the nurse (who has to make a report) the Pop just saw his primary and that his next visit isn’t until early July.  That I would speak with the doctor about getting Pop tested again and see if there is anything that can be done again to slow down the dementia process.
Ah and to think that my own doctor tells me to try to eliminate any stress that I can.  Yeah right, how am I supposed to do that?  I just started today my medication for high blood pressure.  I certainly don’t see anything happening to lessen the stress any time soon.
The past few days I have been in calorie range.  I actually changed one of the groupings on My Fitness Pal to now include sodium, WOW was that an eye opener.  Now I need to concentrate not only on calories but also the sodium.  This is going to be hard but it must be done.  I really don’t want to be on any medication. 
Also too I have allowed myself to cheat this morning.  I was just so hungry, so with my usual breakfast I broke down and got a corn muffin.  Why I don’t know because once I ate my usual breakfast sandwich I felt fine but looking at the muffin didn’t think twice and ate that too.
Well I will record it and move on… drinking my 40 ounces of green tea.
Got tons of work to do and with that my auditors are starting today…….lucky me.
Until later……………

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