Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 39

Yesterday was a decent day.  Got quite a bit done at work and once I got home I was able to do some baking.  Made some proteins bars that were desperately needed.  Also too my Dad stopped by the house to give me some more bills that needed to be paid.  While he was there he was telling me what happened at the facility that he stays at.  I try so hard to understand of what happens there but he just has such a hatred attitude towards people.  Plus he is so quick in name calling people.  It just makes me so angry with him.  He always tells me that I don't know how people were while he was in the army and during World War II.  But I keep trying to tell him that was then and this is now.  But he refuses to listen.  There are actual times that I am so embarrassed while I am with him.  I truly believe this is why he has no friends because once something should happen or someone says something that he doesn't like he just goes off.  Not one care in the world about the other person.  I continue to pray just asking the Lord to give me the patience and strength while in his presence.  Hopefully this Sunday for Easter he will behave and we can have a pleasant time together.

Also I made last night a simple dinner, I will admit it was not the healthiest but I did make sure I kept within my calorie range.  I made last night barbecue chicken wings, (hubby's favorite) and with it crinkle french fries (which I always bake not fry).  Once I saw the portions of my plate at first I was like, wow is that it? But I ate slow and once I was done I was no longer hungry and I was satisfied.  Also it kinda felt good not to be so consciences about what I should be eating.  Maybe I am having a break through?  Would be nice.

I finally finished last night my paper that I am going to hand out for our TOPS meeting.  It is all about commitment.  I hope they like it.  I feel it has a good insight in relationship about weight managing.  I also hope that it may hit home with several ladies.  I can only pray.

Until later.....

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