Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 45

Well it is back to Mondays.  Truthfully I am sort of glad.  I realize that I do my best with the"old routine" bit.  It may be boring but for right now this is what works for me.  On a normal weekend with no partying or such, just the usual, well I believe I can work it through now.  It is just the going out bit, or celebrating that does me in.
Went yesterday out for dinner, it was nice, winded up to be hubby, Pop and my daughter did show up.  So the four of us had a lovely dinner.  Like usually I was stuffed and uncomfortable.  I am glad I am at work, at least I know I am near the restrooms.  Now to just get rid of that uncomfortable feeling and I can then move on.
Just finished my breakfast which is the usual and now drinking my green tea.  Afterwards I will get another 32 ounces of fluid, going to try to get it all down before lunch.  As of right now, I am just hoping that I stay the same.  Missing a week with TOPS does me no good.  I seem to have the mentality that it is OK to go overboard because I am not getting weighed that week.  What a lousy thing to think of but I do.  This is definitely my inner child.  I need to step up and be the adult of this issue.  I am also beginning to get antsy and nervous about Thursday's meeting.  I certainly hope the ladies will like it or even better will get motivated from it.
I also need to work much harder with Pop.  I don't know how to control it but when I am now with him I become agitated almost instantly.  He doesn't listen, does what he wants no matter what and also can embarrass you immediately.  He thinks at times he is so funny but it really is inappropriate.  Then if you say something he just comments of how old he is or that because of his age he forgot or something like that.  I feel he just looks for excuses for his actions which others do not take kind to it.
I pray so hard to have the patience but it seems as soon as I see him my patience just walked out the door.  Even hubby stated that he doesn't know how I take it all in.  Which in one way makes me feel a bit better but it still does not make me feel good about my dad.  I guess I just need to continue to push through all of this.
Well if anything again I am glad I getting back to the normal things again.

Until later......

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  1. You know even after 4 1/2 yrs with TOPS I still have that mentality about when I will be missing a meeting that I can kind of "ease up" for the week, wonder if that ever ends.