Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 43

Wow it is Easter already...time certainly does not wait for anyone.  I really enjoy the spring.  I kind of hope that the hot days will be some time off.  I also wish I really didn't have my auditors right now.  I would just love to take some vacation days and just enjoy this weather.  But be as it may it is just not going to happen.  Even though I am very grateful for everything that God has given me.

I talked myself into doing things when I got home yesterday.  Usually and many times I have good intentions but fall short in getting things done here at home.  Seems that in the morning I have the energy but as soon as I walk in the door out the window went my energy.  But yesterday was different.  I actually got a lot done so today I can continue some but still be able to enjoy and relax a bit.  Unfortunately I will not see my kids tomorrow so I am going to try to see them today.  Right now the both of them are working.  My son is a tax manager and obviously it is tax season, so he is working just about 7 days a week.  As for my daughter, well her work week is Tuesday thru Saturday, she works with cancer patients children.  I must give her a lot of credit, she has this amazing attitude with them.  Anyhow even though they are grown and are adults, Mom here still makes them a small Easter basket.  So I was hoping that I may see them for a little bit to give them their baskets.  Tomorrow it will be just hubby, Pop and me for dinner, which is fine.  We will be going to Pop's favorite restaurant.
I am going to try my best to stay within calorie range.  I believe the restaurant has salmon and that will be my pick.  Usually in the past (we have been going there for 30 years) I have always pick their prime rib, which in my book is delicious, but I need to change and change I will.
After this post I am going to make some banana bread, just noticed that the bananas are very ripe and I need to use them before I lose them.
I pray that everyone has a wonderful Easter and may the Lord bless everyone.

Until later.......

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