Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 36

So far so good, got the kitchen cleaned and the powder room cleaned and now need to make a
shopping list.  Slowly but surely I am trying to get things in order in my bedroom.  It is now fully painted and soon I will be able to move back into that room.  Then I can finally fix my sunshine room which was my daughters room.  My sunshine room is going to be my crafts and hang out room.  I will have a small TV plus my exercise bike plus a small desk to do some of my crafts.  I still have the small wing chair from my dad's house, just need to clean it up and get it upstairs.  Hopefully once my auditors are done, they start next week and hopefully will be done in mid May, then I can start taking my Fridays off for the summer.  I am hoping that I can then start fixing up the first floor with painting and lots of touch up.  My major goal is to get things all in order by the time the wedding is here.  So I have a big plan and lots to do in 18 months.
Yesterday I was doing so good until after I went shopping at CVS.  I had a coupon for 25 % off my entire order plus another 3.00 off so I thought I would use this for Easter shopping.  Even though my kids are all grown up I still make them real small baskets.  So I did buy some candy and chocolates.  Plus I got a little for hubby, he loves jelly beans and coconut eggs.  Well I saw it sitting on the table  and thought ah just a little, well that little wind up to be a lot.  I am so pissed off with myself, plus not eating that kind of stuff, well it certainly didn't sit well in my stomach.  Ok lesson learned I just wish I would remember the lesson.  So later today I am going to make up the baskets and put it clear wrap on it so I don't tempt myself again.  I don't need that kind of stuff.  That is what I need to keep saying to myself.  I have also been listening to some healthy lectures on CDs that I purchased some years ago.  I was hoping I could use some of the quotes and comments for our meetings.  I am trying to re-listen to them to get them really suck in my head and keep up with my motivation.

Well I need to keep moving, when I sit too long I intend to really slow down.

Until later....

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