Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 11

I just love the mornings; everything is bright, fresh and smells new.  I am so thankful each day to wake up to a new day.  I am trying so hard to keep up with my new attitude.  Well, got some great news yesterday, my daughter and her fiancé have decided where they want their wedding reception.  This coming Sunday we are going to see the place.  On line the pictures are gorgeous.  They seem really happy which in turns makes me happy too.
Well things are back on track and I am feeling real good again.  I was on target with my calories and made sure I drank my fluids, actually I got up to 80 ounces.  I would like to get to 100, I don’t know how in the world some drink 150 +.  Maybe once I get really used to around 100 I may be able to add more but for right now getting to 100 makes I am happy.   Also today I am wearing my pin stripe suit.  I haven’t worn this, gosh I really can’t remember.  All I know I am thrilled.  As I was leaving the house this morning I turned and said to hubby, look I can wear this suit again.  He said that is great and told me I am doing a good job, then of course he said hey maybe not much longer you can asked your daughter if you can have her Victoria Secret stuff, I turned around and told him, nah I plan on getting my own.  He laughed with raised eyebrows….LOL.  Anyhow it just feels good, especially with hubby and even with his comments.  At least his comments are more supportive than they used to be. 
Last night I made sure dinner was healthy but also delicious.  I made baked flounder with lemon pepper, mixed vegetables and ½ of a baked sweet potato.  With it we had my homemade chicken soup with escarole and no noodles.  It was very filling and very good.  One thing that I am discovering is I am trying to use different spices and herbs to make the usually foods but trying to give things a little twist.  So far so good.
Also I am getting more excited about TOPS.  I hope I can become leader, I have been thinking of several ideas for meetings and I am trying to write them down.  I really hope I can motivate the ladies.  I certainly hope I get the opportunity to do this…..I just feel so ready for this……..gotta keep in mind for myself…..patience just give it patience…..which I am learning so much lately.   Never ever too late to learn more about oneself.    Ah…something again to ponder about…………..
Until later………………..


  1. I think it's cute when hubbies make comments like that :) Glad you're feeling so good about everything. Hope you get leader too :) I think it's wonderful when someone is feeling so motivated about taking office. Seems most of the time we are begging people to even consider the idea :)

    1. I hope I can do it.....BTW ....are you a leader or was one????

  2. Yes, I am the leader of my chapter and I'm also area captain for Southern Maryland. The state coordinator is in my chapter so just 8 months after I joined TOPS she asked me to be an area captain. It's been very rewarding in a lot of ways but also sometimes stressful. When you have social phobias like I do being in front of an audience is tough but as time has went by (4 yrs now) I'm getting more comfortable talking in front of people and I know it's good for me. So I know if you become leader it will be good for you too :)