Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 30

Oh do I feel so much better.  Unfortunately I was unable to do anything yesterday.  My stomach and head hurt so much.  I only ate homemade soup (which I was so thankful I had some in the freezer) and a few slices of toast.  Drank some tea but mostly just lay around, only if I was not in the bathroom.  After church today, hubby and I went to breakfast, OMG was it ever so good.  Even the tea tasted fantastic.  Now I just finished looking up a low calorie applesauce cake.  According to SPARK.COM with a few tweets on the recipe, I use splenda instead of sugar.  I was able to bring the calorie intake lower.  After I make it I want to see how big the cake is, according to the recipe, it calls for 14 servings, I will see maybe I could get more. 

Ah I sometimes wish the weekends were longer, being sick one day sure cuts out of doing things that I wanted to accomplish this weekend.  Well, I am going to do my best.  I will admit I do have such a loving hubby; he is on vacation this week and just told me to take it easy.  That he will do some house cleaning this week, while he is home.  He is wonderful and I love him dearly.

Well, I am off to make this recipe, hope it comes out ok.

Until later…….

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