Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 20

So happy it is a new day, I am beginning to appreciate that thought more and more.  A new day is always a fresh start.  To begin again, I am very grateful that the lord gives me a new day.  With all of that, it also pertains to achieving my new way of life. 
Tonight is weigh in at TOPS, unfortunately we will not have a meeting because our meetings are held at church, and tonight confirmation ceremony is scheduled.  So we must leave by a certain time.  So the best we can do is at least go and get weighed.  With my mess up this week, I am so hoping to stay the same, which in all would be a blessing.
Last night hubby told me that we are going out this Saturday, the kids are coming, this is to celebrate my birthday, which is next week.  Again I am challenge (now I am beginning to hate this), which is going out to eat.  I am really trying hard to control myself.  When I get the chance I am going to look up the menu.  They want to take me to the CheeseCake Factory.  OMG, they have the best strawberry daiquiri ever.  I believe they (the restaurant) now must show the calorie intake for their meals, I certainly hope so.  Maybe that will keep in check.  Only God knows………………..
Until later………………

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