Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 35

I am feeling really pumped today. Yesteday was an awesome day.  I just felt great and the day even ended great.  Last night at TOPS weigh in I lost 5.75 pounds.  Just super, I am thankful I lost my birthday celebration gain and plus more.  Even more exciting is that I am in the next lower tens.  WOOHOO…..  Also too last night our leader was going over the dates for the next several weeks and she stated that she would be away one week that she asked the ladies if they would mind if I took over that meeting and it was unanimous.  So now I need to prepare something really good.  I was thinking since last night many were discussing about attitude and trying to get motivated I thought that this area is what I will address.  So with that I will try to look for some motivating tips, quotes and try my best to get them all charged up…..I certainly pray that God will give me that strength.  Also too, to top things off even better, my neighbor came last night and really liked it and decided right then and there to join, so she did.  Double WOOHOO…..
Right now I am on top of the clouds of the way things are………I just couldn’t be any happier.  As a matter of fact it is very hard to concentrate on my work which is plentiful, but then again I am very grateful that I do have my job.  Which I must get started on now.
Until later……………

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  1. How terrific about losing 5.75 lbs and about your friend joining TOPS :)