Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 25

Ah the first day of spring.  What a beautiful day today is, I really would be so happy to be out and about instead of sitting here in work.  Especially today because it is my birthday.  But, like everyone else you need to make the money to survive.  One thing though is that when it is so nice out, I tend to be a clock watcher.  Just watching the minutes until quitting time, which for me is four o’clock. 
Not much more happening, trying to stay on track here, which can be hard, especially when the company has outside meetings held in here, then they have breakfast or lunch meetings which in turns means…..food.  So when the meetings are over, the food is brought into the kitchen to share with the rest of the staff.  And believe me the food is yummy.  Bagels, muffins and pastries to die for.  One thing that does help some is reading other blogs.  There is this one blogger, a man, who really puts it out there.  He really makes me think, especially of the way he convey his points or ideas.  Sometimes or I will say most of the times he can be very blunt and crude, but I don’t take any offense to it, but it will make me think.  I believe some other people don’t really take in his line of reasoning and just read how he wrote whatever his topic is about, mainly about eating or how you should diet, whatever.
I took out a very small turkey breast to thaw out, so that is for dinner tonight.  A friend maybe stopping by, I hope so for dinner.  It would be so nice to see her.  We’ll see what happens.
Until later……………….


  1. A big happy Birthday to you!!! Wish I was coming to dinner at your house :) but then it doesn't hardly seem right you're doing the cooking on your Birthday :) Hope you have a wonderful evening whatever you do. *hugs*

    1. Thanks so much.............hubby surprised me by sending flowers to work...........guess I will still keep in...LOL
      As for the cooking I really don't mind, hubby mentioned about going out but he doesn't get home until after 7:30 by the time we were to ear it would be way past 8 which is so late to be eating dinner plus I have had my fill with eating out.....thanks again for the good wishes