Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 33

I can’t believe how quickly the day has gone by.  I was off today for Pop’s birthday and also to take him to his doctor appointment.  So I went over his apartment early and he was taking a shower.  After he was done I gave him his present and we talk a bit, mainly about his finances, which I take care for him.  Before you knew it my sister arrived.  She took care of his medication; Pop takes so many pills that he himself can’t keep them straight.  So my sister comes over and prepares his meds in one of those weekly pill containers, this way he knows what to take in the morning and what to take at night.  Anyway afterwards we took Pop to lunch and then headed to the doctors.  Once we took Pop back home my sister came over to my house and we had a nice visit with each other.  I often wish we would get together more often, but I guess time and distance is our enemy.

Hubby left to go see Bruce Springsteen concert, his so loves his songs and was so excited.  Hubby actually took off this week because he will be home late.  Oh and he and the kids will go and see Bruce tomorrow too.  I hope he has a great time.

As for me well talking with my sister I was telling her about TOPS and stuff and she commented how she would like to drop some weight but doesn’t have the motivation and feels her will is not there.  So I made a suggestion about how I will email her, this is usually how we communicate with each other, that I would email her more often with support.  I hope it works because I feel deep down by passing motivation on to others will help keep me more motivate.  Well if anything it is a plan and planning is the key.

Until later……………..

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  1. It's so true that passing on motivation to others helps us too. I'm so hoping that will happen for me this week because I could use a boost :) Happy belated Birthday to your dad. Glad you had a nice visit with your sister.