Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 26

Kind of bleak out today but it is supposed to get better.  Tonight a dear friend and I are going to see a play here in town, looking forward to that.  I spoke to her last night and we have agreed that we are NOT going out for dinner, which I am so happy about.  Instead I will be picking up some sandwiches from the corner store across from where I work.  Then I will head up to her house to eat and then leave from there to the theatre.  Getting those sandwiches will give me much better control.  This corner store makes wonderful, healthy sandwiches, as a matter of fact I just may get a salad instead, and their salads are great.
Yesterday was a lovely day, many people sending good wishes to me.  I also got beautiful flowers from dear hubby.  It is funny, in the beginning of our relationship he constantly sent flowers, then once the kids came, well a lot of things took priority, now with them gone and on their own, well he is rekindling the relationship, which is so nice.  Guess I will keep him for another 30 years…..hahaha
Just finished breakfast and I am feeling pretty good.  I do dread tomorrow for weighing in but am excited about the voting.  Hopefully I will find out tomorrow what the outcome is.  Oh and I was researching last night and came across some cool sites in regards about fruits and vegetables.  I saved them but need to read them through.  I need to refresh my memory of the different kinds of fruit and veggies that are out there, plus one of the sites makes a list of what is in season.  Oh and I also came across a site in regards about bananas.  If you really like bananas and also have a craving for ice cream, well just freeze the bananas in chunks, then put them in a blender and puree them, OMG it is just like soft ice cream.  The next time I will add some strawberries………what a treat it was.  Unfortunately you can only do this when you want it but it is so worth it.
Until later………….

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