Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 6

Have many thoughts going through my head.  Don’t even know where to begin.  Anyhow, last night I was just so tired that I didn’t even journal on here.  The night before I woke up twice with such horrible muscle spasms that it woke me up out of a sound sleep.  Then it wasn’t like I could go back to sleep immediately, I had to walk around to make them go away.  I haven’t had them in such a long time.  I am so grateful that it didn’t happen last night. 
I just love my hubby; I really think he is trying to help me this time.  He made dinner and even apologized for what he made.  He made stuff chicken breasts, and with it made chicken stove top stuffing.  Very high in calories.  We talked about it and agreed that this kind of food will not come into the house.  He is even looking for the calorie intake on the packages, which he has never done before.  I am really feeling more love from him by him being more aware for things for me.  Then again this is a double good, because not just for me but I hope will also help him, because he certainly can lose some weight and get healthier too. 
Well tonight I go to TOPS.  I am feeling pretty good.  I certainly hope I see a good loss.  I had tried very hard this week and I really want to see some of the rewards.  I am thankful to God that he is with me on my journey. 
This is going to be a very busy weekend.  Tomorrow I am attending a Beef and Beer with some dear friends.  I really don’t drink beer and as for the beef, well it is Lent.  I guess they forgot about Lent because why would they have it on a Friday.  I really don’t know if there will be anything else, but I will see.  I am planning to eat something before I go, maybe like a salad.  Then on Saturday, the kids are coming up to see their father to celebrate his birthday.  I am always happy to see all the kids.  Then on Sunday I am going to a bridal expo with my daughter, this hopefully will be exciting.  This is the first one, and I hope there is plenty to see and get some wonderful ideas.  So it will be an eventful weekend. 
Just finished my breakfast and now onto drinking all my fluids.  Past several days I have gotten up to at least 80 ounces.  I pray I can keep up with this momentum.
Until later……

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