Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 13

What a beautiful morning……not so cold, maybe a bit windy, but the sun is shining, how can anyone be blue.  I am looking forward to TOPS tonight; I hope I am not getting my hopes up too high.  Deep down inside I am anticipating of losing a good amount of weight, but I keep telling myself even if it is just one pound, one pound is much better then gaining one pound.  I feel a bit antsy and I want the day to go fast to find out, I need to get things in perspective and just calm down. 
Funny thing this morning, I come down and hubby is in the kitchen getting his lunch and stuff.  Well, he looks at me and says “Oh, so you have on your Las Vegas shirt”.  I turned around and said "What did you say"?  He stated again and I said you’ve never told me that before?  So kiddingly I turned to him and said “so are you saying I look sexy?”  He turns and looks at me and starts laughing.  I never thought that my shirt looked “Las Vegas” style.  My shirt is a sleeveless long grey shirt with small silver studs covered in the front.  It is cut in the front on an angle down to the hip; with it I wear my ¼ sleeve black light weight sweater/cover.  I will admit I did put on more jewelry than usually, but I never thought it looked sexy.  It is not that anything is revealing.  Oh well, he made my day.  Even as I type this I am smiling. 
I am proud of myself, so far the past two weeks I have made dinners that were less than 500 calories for the both of us.  Every night I have asked hubby if he likes what I have made and is he satisfied when he is done.  And the answer has been YES……so far I am accomplishing my mission.  Usually I don’t plan that far in advance with dinners and such, but I am going to try to plan the entire week for next week.  I must admit planning ahead sure does make things simpler.  In the past, with the kids and stuff, I would try sometimes but just couldn’t get my head into it.  Maybe I was fighting the idea, well it doesn’t matter what happened in the past, I now need to focus on the future. 
Until later…………

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  1. Glad hubby is noticing all your hard work and making you feel good. I know in the beginning Mike wasn't the most supportive but as time went on he got much better sounds like your hubby has too :) Glad you're enjoying planning your meals. With the contest I've been cooking like crazy every Saturday and it's helped a lot.