Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 19

I certainly did NOT do well this morning.  My company held an anniversary breakfast at one of the hotels here in center city.  It was a lovely breakfast with many selections and of course hardly anything that is low calorie.  So of course with my NO will power in regards about eating out still holds true.  Not that this is any consolation of the situation, but I am so full that I did not have any lunch.  I just could not eat anything; all I had was a cup of tea.  Actually I have decided, at least now that I am not making dinner, all I will do is make something for hubby.  As a matter of fact, last night’s dinner was very good and low calorie. I made sautéed spinach with lots of seasonings and on top was tortellini’s.  With it I made some cucumber salad.  Still have some left so it looks like leftovers for hubby.
With such a large breakfast, I just want to go home.  It is absolutely beautiful outside that I could picture myself either sitting on our back porch or even doing some light yard work.  I would just love it being home with all the windows opened in the house.  Ahhh…….to dream
Until later…………..

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