Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 12

Wow these days are just zipping by, especially when I am reflecting on them.  Day 12 writing this blog….zeeesh.  If I think about it too much, the wedding will be here instantly.   Anyhow I had a good day yesterday.  I stopped and visited my Dad, and like usually he offers me cookies and a pie that he got from dinner.  Oh I need to explain a bit, my father who will be 91 at the end of this month, lives in independent and dependent living facilities.  It is very nice, my dad, fortunately is in the independent living area.  He has a small but cute apartment.  It has a kitchenette, a great room (his table and chairs with also his living furniture with the entertainment center) then he has a nice size bedroom and a full bathroom.  This facility has a medical staff 24/7 and his apartment is equipment with emergency cords, also he gets a full dinner in the dining hall and if he does not show up (unless he tells them he will not be there) the staff will investigate why he did not show up for dinner.  My sister and I are so grateful that he is there; at least we know he is looked after.  So anyhow I go and visit dad and he offers me the snacks.  I turn him down and he insisted I have some.  One thing that always got me with dad is that he always wants to give me food and then after I should eat it, some time afterwards he states that I really should lose weight.  I try so hard to explain to him to stop this but he continues.  I know one thing is that he always offers because this is all he has to give.  I tell him it is not necessary but he continues to do what he wants.  Anyhow I did have some cookies but left the rest. 
When I got home I made a nice healthy dinner again and tried my best to stay within calorie range.  When hubby comes home and I give him his dinner I always tell him how many calories it is for him and asked if he likes it and if he is satisfied.  So far yes, I must admit it is taking some work but it is so worth it.  Like they always say, plan….plan….and plan some more.   Finally the main ingredient is sinking in……
Now time to plan…..plan…..for tonight.
Until later…………

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  1. Yep, it really is all in the planning. Yea, people don't change so we just have to change how we handle the situation. At 91, that is terrific about your dad still living semi independant. Glad for you all that he's doing so well I know at one point you were so worried about him.